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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 13th Jun 2013
Wednesday 12th June 2013

Wednesday 12th June 2013

Well today was a busy one once again, The Captain and crew, have been flat out, doing all kinds of stuff, so that when the weather window is open, we can just take off.

Right at the moment we are thinking about staying here now as the weather in the ABCs is not looking real good either.
We are so ready to move on, but it's still looking like maybe Thursday next week may be good to leave.
We are thinking of moving around the island, to the French side, when we went for a drive the other day we found a few nice areas to anchor off the beach on that side, so we will kinda be in a new country...haha

There is a very quiet or not so quiet war happening on this boat of ours.
We are being over run by fruit flys, these little bastards are everywhere.
And you know me the Bug Terminator has come out to play again, thanks to good old Google, there are traps, all over the place, cans of bug spray, doted here and there and yes they are still flying around everywhere.
Google says you have to find and get rid of the source of what they are attracted to, and make sure there is no food and stuff left around...these guys will go for anything.
So the hunt was on, and yeap found the source, one of the lockers in the dinette, that has a lot of can stuff in it, well there were two pierced cans of peaches and three cans of beer that had been pierced as well, and a million fruit flys, so I guessed that was the place.

I was not real happy about getting in there to clean up all this mess I can tell you, after spending all day yesterday cleaning everything, I had a bigger mess today, and I just hate beer, the smell was shocking.
But I managed to clean it all up, all the cans got a nice bleach bath, along with the locker, and yours truly, had a fair amount on her as well.
Now you may think its just one locker not so bad, well when your hanging almost upside down to reach the bottom, under a table, in extreme heat, with the smell of rotten fruit, beer and bleach, not fun at all.
Are they all gone?...nope but at least the numbers are down.

This brings me to another story, I have been reading on facebook all these little handy hints and decided to try one out.
In this humid weather my hair has been going very curly, and I hate it, I try to blow wave the top at least to make it a bit straight.
So this hint says that you mix brown sugar with water and spray it on wet hair let it dry naturally you will have shiny straight hair.
Well I just had to give it a go.
So hunt out a spray bottle, mix it up, and yeap, all it did was go sticky and the fruit flys were chasing me all over the place...they thought it was Christmas...haha
Not gonna do that again.

But on a brighter note well kinda, we decided to go into the local bar here and have Happy Hour drinks.
We needed to go to the local supermarket first, so get up to the dock, waves crashing, I go to climb up first, one leg on the dock the other still in the dingy, and the dingy moves, well The Captain, just gives me a huge shove on the butt, I shoulder plant the dock, a fair amount of skin off but at least I didn't fall into the water, although that may of been a bit less painful.
So after that little episode we went to the supermarket, could not find what we wanted, so back in the dingy and it starts to rain, well we race back to the boat as all the hatches are open, The Captain jumps on board runs around to close them all, we are both drenched, and of cause it stops just as they are all closed.
He looks at me and says I can't believe how hard it is to take your girlfriend out for a drink...haha
So we eventually get there have a few drinks and come back to the boat, was it worth it? Not really but it was nice to get off the boat for awhile.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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