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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
11th Jun 2013 - Summer 2013
Day 6-June 11, 2013-Branson

Day 6-June 11, 2013-Branson

Another hot one today, 99 and humid.
After breakfast on the porch (I love being tree top level with the squirrels and birds) we went to the condo lounge to look through their day trip books. Decided to go north about 40 miles to Ozark, MO. We heard about a restaurant there called Lambert’s Café from at least three people so we have to check it out. It seats 700 and always has a line. It has a little bit of every kind of food, mostly down home fried chicken, catfish, etc. some of it served in big metal skillets but they’re known for their “throwed” rolls. Somebody comes around with pans full of home made rolls and actually throws them across the restaurant to brave souls who catch them. They also come around with huge pots of black-eyed peas, fried potatoes and onion, macaroni and tomato sauce, fried okra and sorghum molasses for the rolls. I was warned that the chef salad was big so I didn't have it but saw that it was bigger than a basketball.   We brought home more food than we ate. Met a couple from Tampa who are traveling in a camper and staying here for a few days. We might get together with them for a show later in the week.
Stopped at the local winery, Stone Hill, when we got back in Branson, for a wine tour and tasting. Their vineyards are in northeast Missouri and there a lot of other vineyards up that way. Might have to go there when we leave here. Browsed in a few shops along the strip then came back to the condo to get ready for the next show tonight.
Had the service man in to look at the DVD. Ashamed to say we had the TV on the wrong channel…..we know this stuff, but I think our brains go into “no electronics mode” when we’re RVing!
This show is in the same theater we went to last night, called RFD TV, The Theatre. It has something to do with Roy Rogers because Roy Rogers, Jr. plays there too and there’s lots of Roy Rogers/Dale Evans memorabilia all around the place and something I find rather creepy is that they have the horses, Trigger, Buttermilk and the dog, Bullet stuffed in the lobby. Not just replicas, the real animals! Stuffed!
The act we saw tonight was The Haygoods, a family of six brothers and one sister, aged 21 to 35. They sing and also play lots of instruments, the harp, sax, guitar, drums, piano, mandolin, banjo, acoustic guitar and harmonica. The violins, guitars and harp all have lights with changing colors. Very interactive with the audience, they float huge beach balls back and forth over our heads and get right down in the audience. Big on pyrotechnics, lots of flames on the stage. Lots of sibling bantering, too. They have their own TV show on the local cable channel. Mom works backstage, Dad sells souvenirs and the kids play and sing. Oh, and the boys tap dance, too. They’ve been playing together musically since they were kids and their music runs from rock and roll to country to bluegrass. They know how to end with a standing ovation by singing the “Star Spangled Banner” last. Great show! Great seats again, fourth row.
Went to a place called McFarlains for a late, light dinner (I had spinach salad with hot bacon dressing to rival Cracker’s) and Harry had a meatloaf sandwich and fries then back to the condo.

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