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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 15th Jun 2013
Friday 14th June 2013

Friday 14th June 2013

Well we have changed from clogs to frogs, yeap we are now anchored on the French side.
We decided to go for a weekend away. :-)
After a bit of a stressful day we are now, sitting here on the French side, it was a two hour trip to get here, it's crazy when you think about it, as we could of just gone under a different bridge and been there, in about ten minutes or so.
This bridge was so close to us, but this ship of ours can't go that way as the water is too shallow, so we had to go the long way.
We also had to wait for the other bridge to open, as I have mentioned before it only opens 3 times a day, 9.30am, 11am and 4.30pm, so if you are not there at the right time, tough luck.
We went through at 4.30pm, with not too much trouble getting the anchor up, but it's still not right, we did some modifications, to the anchor locker back in America to stop the chain mounting up on top of itself, it is supposed to just fall down into the bilge, well that's not happening, we still have to work out something different to fix this problem.

So today's dramas, well the guys finally came out to have a look at the shroud that looked a bit iffy, this only happened when The Captain went in and showed them a pic of it.
It does need replacing also the one on the other side needs doing to, and at the front of the boat is what they call a dolphin striker, why I don't know it's not like you hit dolphins with it, just another dumb boatie named thing.
Anyway it's a long piece of timber that has two metal bars that attach to the front of the boat, it kinda holds all the front of the rigging in place, this is so badly cracked, they told me it's really really dangerous....far out, it really never ends.

So The Captain comes back and I have to break the news to him...lucky me.
As he is climbing on board I notice his leg, he has blood running down it from two puncture wounds, and is a bit shaken up.

He explains that a dog attacked him, are you kidding.
He was on a hunt for a globe for the boat and was told to go down next door from the marine shop, it was a bit of a dodgy area and he went down between two homes thinking that's where the shop was, before he realised a dog was attached to his leg, he looked up just as another dog came barreling toward him, he's thinking oh god I'm gonna be attacked by two now, but the other dog attacked the dog still attached to his leg, he managed to get the first dog off his leg by hitting it with a bag, just as the other dog, got there, and raced away to let them fight it out.

So we thought he should go to the medical centre, as one of the marks looked very deep to me, but several phone calls and we could not get through.
I went on a hunt to find some dettol to clean it up, and could not find anything, so wait for it, we cleaned it with listerine...haha
We also have some antibiotic cream so put that on as well, and we will watch it over the next few days to make sure he does not start to foam at the mouth and it does not get infected.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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