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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 17th Jun 2013
Sunday 16th June 2013

Sunday 16th June 2013

Well what started out as a lazy Sunday morning enjoying the scenery, turned into a stressful afternoon.

The Captains hearing was not much better, so the last remedy surfaced, peroxide in the ears, he so did not want to try this, but I had read some good things about it, the day before, so out it come.
Well it worked a bit the first time, so I made him lay down again, and have a second go, he was not happy.

While he was laying down letting the voodoo magic take affect, I decided to try some more home made stuff on my hair, yeah you think I would of learned the first time, but no this was actually the third try...haha

I have read some good stuff about dyeing your hair with herbs, so the first attempt the other day was to dye your hair red, just use paprika in water, well I mix up a tea with this stuff and its fire engine red, I'm thinking there is no way I'm putting that on my head, so go hunting to find something that will dull it down a bit, so add coffee, and vanilla essence just cause it smelt bad.
So after it all cools done, I put it in my hair, well the smell was so bad, it took three washes to get most of it out, but I can still smell it, and the colour well it gave my hair a bit of a red tinge, but the smell...well wont be doing that one again.

So take three hair treatment, while we were at the markets I found this local herb, that they use for colouring food and other stuff red, will this looked great, so I got some of it.
So out it comes the hot water and all, this time it's bright orange, far out , so out come other bits and pieces, and yes I now have kinda, orangey, brownie, coloured hair with a kinda yellow tinge to my face...hahaha

So go back and rescue The Captain, from a fate worse than death, and stop his brain shrivelling up...haha
And it worked, he can now hear almost perfect again, am glad some thing worked at least.

So we then decide to start heading back as we need to get to the bridge opening at 5.30pm.
After a quick stop and dingy ride into shore to stock up on bread and ok some pastries, we start heading back.
As we were a bit off shore I decided to get out my fishing rod, in hopes of catching dinner.

Yeap I caught my first barracuda, had so much fun fighting with it got it to the boat and you guessed it, it got away, we are so going to get a net tomorrow.

By this time we are close to where we have to go in, to get through the bridge, but we are an hour early so we just switch off the engine, and float around the ocean for awhile and read.
We check out the time and we only have ten minutes to get there...far out I'm thinking there is no way we are going to make it, The Captain is calm and relaxed and assures me we will.

Well the calm does not last, we are getting close to the bridge, when the Coast Guard, pulls up beside us.
They want to come aboard and check our papers and safety equipment, we try to explain that we need to get through the bridge first, so three of them climb aboard, and say ok go through.
Now The Captain is major stressed and getting angrier by the minute, as he is trying to concentrate to get through the bridge and they are wanting to see this and that.
I go and get all the papers, they are asking all kinds of questions, and one of them wants to see all our safety equipment, now it's all over the boat, so him and I go downstairs and he wants to see the flares and guns, some of the flares are not in date so he is not happy about this, we only have one fire extinguisher that is in date, not happy, then he wants to check out the engine, I tell him its under the floor boards, feel free to look, he decides to forget it.

Then comes up the stairs and stands right in the way as The Captain is going through the bridge, one of the other guys, pulls him out of the way, I think The Captain is about to kill one of them by now.
They then want our phone number and address, back home, we explain that we don't have a phone, they are not happy about this as well, then we just gave them our old house address, so yeah good luck with that one.

We make it though finally and they jump off, back to their own boat and go along there merry way, The Captain is livid.
But he settles down enough for us to try and anchor again is this horrible weedy place.
We made it with the second attempt, which was not bad.

There was another yacht that came in with us and they had a terrible time, we were watching them as well, they went too close to another boat and ended up in a terrible mess both tangled together.
We wanted to help but were too busy getting our anchor set and by the time we were right, there were others from boats around, helping out, no matter what they did they could not free them.
So we jumped back on the radio and tried to call the Coast Guard jerks to do something useful and help them out.
Well it was answered by the French side, can you believe it, we were on the Dutch side.
With a thousand calls back and forth we finally got in contact with them and they wanted to know all the ins and outs about our boat, and the others, position and how to identify it, serious they only had to look out their window to see they were that close, and they were the only two boats doing a tango in the lagoon, man how hard was it.
By the time they finally understood the others managed to get them free and with the help of a few fellow sailers they got them anchored in a safe spot, so much for the Coast Guard.

So after a few stiff drinks life settled down again and we are once again back in the lagoon and will be up early to set off to see the riggers, once again.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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