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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 18th Jun 2013
Monday 17th June 2013

Monday 17th June 2013

Well bright and early today the Captain headed off to talk with the riggers, we were not sure how they wanted to proceed with the new lot of repairs.
We thought we may have to take the boat into their dock, this made us a bit uneasy, as you remember, the last time we took the boat in there we ran aground about 5 times, but as luck has it they will come out to the boat tomorrow and take everything off here and take it back and fix it at there building.

So that sorted we got stuck into the last stuff we want to get fixed.

On the way back from our little weekend getaway, the dingy, knocked, the plugs off the big solar panel, it was kinda our fault as we had it just swinging off the Davits, we should of had it tightened up, but we were only going a short way, so thought it would be ok.
So The Captain spend a good chunk of the day fixing the solar Panel, the biggest issue was what wires went to what plug, after hours wiring together and taking it apart and changing it and so on, and a few phone calls, he finally got it working...yay

Then onto the many leak repair jobs, me well I cleaned out The Captains, Man Cave...( the tool and spare parts cabin) which took awhile, then went onto oiling the outside timber work, this took the rest of the day.

So we have both been really busy once again, it's still looking like Thursday is the day we leave and with luck we will be in Panama, in about 8 days and finally out of the Hurricane belt.

But going through the Canal is going to be such an ordeal by itself, there is so many rules and regulations its crazy, not to mention costing between $1,500 to $2,000 to go through, you have to have line handlers and a pilot to go with you.
These all cost as well and it takes a few days to get through.
And don't even get me started on the prep work, you have to check in find this and that office, go to a certain area and get measured, this all takes several days by itself.

Lucky we have been talking to a lot people, about how to go about all this, the fridge guy had just came back from there so he was a wealth of information, and told us that a lot of the areas, well you just do not walk around even to catch a taxi around to the next street it's that bad...great am so not looking forward to this.

The guys that come with us to go through the canal will stay on the boat over night, and the pilot only stays through the days, these guys I have to feed as well, man I'm just going to be cooking the whole time.

But they say its a great experience to go through, and to be honest although its scares me a bit, we actually have no choice, we have got to go through this way.
I'm sure I'll have a lot to tell about this experience.

Well tomorrow is anther day.

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