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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
16th Jun 2013 - Summer 2013
Day 11-June 16, 2013-Going to Kansas City

Day 11-June 16, 2013-Going to Kansas City
Happy Fathers Day to all the dads and dads to be!
Cloudy again but no rain and pretty nice-in the low 80’s
We’re back towing the RV again and drove 250 miles to Lawrence, KS, just west of Kansas City, KS.
Took us over a half hour to go 4 miles through Branson to get to the highway, the traffic on the main road is always crazy. We could have gone one of the “colored” express routes around town but we wanted one last look at Branson.
Took I-65 north then SR 13 & 7 to Harrisonville, MO, then I-71 and I-435 around Kansas City, then route 10 to Lawrence. Nice ride, no traffic ‘til we got close to Kansas City and then through Lawrence, which is home to the University of Kansas. Started listening to a book on tape, “Moscow Rules” by Daniel Silva, a Russian spy novel. It hooked us on the first chapter. Lots of clover and Queen Anne’s Lace by the side of the road. More dead armadillos than I care to talk about and a couple of dead deer. Amish and Mennonite communities around Osceola and Lowry, but we didn’t stop.
The campground is state run and is really nice. It’s in Clinton State Park, there’s 2 campgrounds, 204 sights and they all look nice. Got here about 3:30, got set up quickly and made vodka tonics even quicker. There’s lots of trees which I didn’t expect to find in Kansas. It’s on a big lake which I’m sure we’ll check out tomorrow. Right behind our site is cement steps (I think I read somewhere there’s 125 of them) through the woods leading down to the lake. We won’t be going that way. The place is alive with black and white butterflies. Nice breeze in the late afternoon. Took a nice bike ride around the campground, then had dinner and a great fire, the first one on our trip. The rummikubes tournament continued as usual. I'm ahead so far.

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Diary Photos

Steps behind our campsite

Our campsite Clinton SP


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