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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 21st Jun 2013
Thursday 18th June 2013

Thursday 18th June 2013

Well Robert the fridge guy is back...yay

He came out around lunch time, and tried everything to get the fridge working again, it looks like there is air in the pipes, so tomorrow he is coming back with stuff to fix that, meanwhile it looks like the fittings we had were dodgy, and we also needed to get some more gas cans, so the only place was in the main town in Phillipsburg, so The Captain and I go to catch a bus into town.
Now you think bus but they are only Mini Vans, and there is no bus stops, you just stand at the side of the road until a Van stops, it only cost about a dollar each to go anywhere on the island.

So after a bit of a hairy ride, and a very close call with a guy who flew out of a side street in front of us we finally made it to the store.
As I have said before there really is no road rules here its kinda a crazy free for all, even to cross a street can be scary, you never know if they will stop and half the time they drive on the side walks anyway. They do have a few pedestrian crossing here and there if you can call them that, but not that anyone takes any notice of them, honest you are better off just taking a chance, and running like crazy, and hope they just stop, some do some don't, man I tell you it is much safer on your boat, even out in those wild seas...haha
Did I actually say's been awhile since we have been out there again.... :-)

Talking about that, we have to leave tomorrow, come hell or high water, as its the best weather window we have had in two weeks, if we don't we will be stuck here for another week and we really can't wait that long.

We finally got the go ahead and we are taking the boat first thing in the morning to The Riggers dock and finally they will fix our last bit of rigging and if all goes well we will leave tomorrow afternoon, man is tomorrow going o be stressful.

Well Tomorrow is another day.

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