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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 23rd Jun 2013
Saturday 22nd June 2013

Saturday 22nd June 2013

Well it's still so so hot, but am feeling a little better, just.

We had another guy come and have a look at the fridge, just for a 2nd opinion, as we still are hopeful that just maybe someone can fix it.
It's only three years old, and a $3,000 fridge, come on, you think it would last.

Well lets just say its now a food storage unit.... :-(

Yeap it can't be fixed, we have weighed out all the options, and have decided, to move the small freezer out of the bilges.
Yeah this one in down in the scary part of the boat that I hate, and you have to pull up the floor boards to get to it.
That so does not happen out in the middle of the ocean, so we are moving it out and placing it under the table, for easy access.
The other thing, where we have the other fridge is like two boxes side by side in the galley, those of you who know boats will know what I'm talking about.

So one works the other doesn't, we have always just used this one as a food storage as well.

They both still have the old fridge elements in them, and have not worked for like forever, so The Captain is pulling them out to make more space, and the one that does not work we are going to try and get ice to go in there and see how that goes.
It does cool down a bit with the other beside it, so that may help.

Now google to the rescue once again. There is a million stories out there on how to slow down ice from melting, so I have been researching on and off all day.
Dry ice is really good, block ice great, dry ice and crushed ice together fantastic, adding salt to the water before freezing, even better, adding salt to the ice, no good, adding flour to ice, good, adding sugar, not so good....haha
It just goes on and on, am getting horrible memory flashbacks from awhile back, with my ants, remember they were gourmet ants, am now starting to think I'm gonna have to make gourmet ice....far out.

So we finally decided on the dry ice, with crushed ice, from what we have read this can last almost a week, perfect.
So a million phone calls plus a dingy ride, no go, no one sells it on the island.

So plan B, block ice, same again, no one sells it on the island...far out.

Plan C.... Yet to try, we are going to ask the local hangout here, called Lagoonies, and see if they can freeze some bottles of water for us, The Captain and I are kinda not sure which will work best so, am thinking, we have four, two with salt water and two without, we will also get several bags of ice and put in containers in there as well, so fingers crossed this may work.
And the dramas continue.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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