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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 3rd Jul 2013
Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Day 8

My watch

Well I got woken up by click, click, click....I had a fish.

I jumped up The Captain is nowhere in sight, I look down the campion way, and he has the floor boards up checking fuel, I yell to him I have a fish.

Now I would never go out there in the dark in rough weather but as its still calm, I race out, by the time I get there all is quiet, looks like that one got away.
I reel it in make sure all the tackle is still there, by this time The Captain has joined me with a torch, and we check yeap still have the hook and all, throw it back in and hope next time.

So dramas, yeap.
The Captain, lays down for a sleep, I go make a coffee, and sit here and fiddle with the chart plotter, see our position, then switch to the radar, man, you should see the storm clouds.
This always puts fear in my heart I can tell you, I hate storms.

I sit and watch for about 15minutes or so, than decide to wake up The Storm Captain, we sit and discuss the situation, pull down all the covers, they are not zipped down yet as it gets so hot in here when we do, but they are all in place and ready.

Now there is no way we can out run these clouds, so The Captain goes and lays down once again, me I'm just watching and waiting, and with any luck it may just break up, and be ok.
I know I'm dreaming but can only wish.

While I'm sitting here I took some pics, of the radar, and the chart plotter will put them up later, so you can see why I'm so worried.

But on the upside we have about 144nm to go to we get to Panama.
And by sheer luck the clouds just all broke up and went away, thank god.

So we now have some good pics of dolphins as well, they just gave us another performance, it seems like everyday now they visit us, and we always rush to the front of the boat to watch them, like little kids...haha

9.00pm my watch

Well it looks like we will make Panama by morning, am happy and sad about this.
The last 3 days have just been great, mill pond seas, gentle breezes even though, it has been very hot in the day time, but the nights have been great.
It really can be magical being out here with nothing around at all, other than the occasional, tanker going past, tonight we could see something in the water, we slowed the boat down, and went up on deck, but it ended up just being a ship far off that looked so close.
And then we just sat and looked at the stars, and guess what we must be getting close to home, as we just spotted the Southern Cross, yeap it's the first time we have seen it since leaving Australia.
Oh man I'm homesick.

The water of a night time turns into a spectacular show, there is a lot of phosphorescence, In the water and it just sparkles, like Christmas lights it sure is something to see I can tell you.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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