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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 8th Jul 2013
Saturday 6th July 2013

Saturday 6th July 2013

Well first off, a very big congraltions to The Captain's daughter, Marian and Craig, who are having a baby, we are both very excited for you guys, and as luck had it we will be home, for the birth. :-)

Well guess what it rained again, they tell us it's the rainy season now, well they sure are right.

All we do is race around on and off all day closing hatches, opening hatches, pulling down covers opening covers, it never ends, and don't even get me started with the new leaks, that have decided to grace us with their presence, and then to top off ,the extreme heat...are we having fun yet?

I needed to do some washing, now this was going to be fun, so I convinced The Captain,to put up a few covers over the outside of the boat, to give a bit if protection from the rain, although it took two days for the clothes to dry it worked quite good, and it also cooled the inside of the boat a little as well, so added bonus.

I have been watching a lot of fish jumping around lately, and so want to get another rod fixed up to try and catch these guys, but am not sure what to use for bait, will have to think on that one.

We actually saw a local guy fishing in a dug out canoe, as he got nearer we called him over to find out what he was using for bait, we ended up buying a big hand of bananas off him...hahaha
Neither of us could understand each other, but I really really don't think he uses Bananas for bait.... :-/

And so it goes, the fridge system is driving me nuts, I rearrange stuff daily to try and get the most out of it, nothing is working real good at all, this is a major concern for me, as its looking like we can not get anything here in Panama, as in a portable freezer, and it seems the more we put into the fridges the less they work, the last two days I have come across two lots of milk that was off, and it was nasty, serious it's starting to turn me off food completely.
If it was easy to keep fruit and vegies I would just eat them, but they go off real quick as well.
We have done a lot of research, on people living without a fridge, and it's hopeless, most used caned, pre packaged, or I could maybe work around that, but most of these things have garlic in them, so that's out the window.
I just have no idea what we will live on out in the ocean, our next leg is three weeks or so, and I'm going to have to cook down there, daily and I get so seasick in rough weather, which lately is almost all the time.

So yeah it is a problem.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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