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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 10th Jul 2013
Monday 8th July 2013

Monday 8th July 2013

Well it has rained all day today, with not many breaks at all.

The Captain has spent almost the whole day researching all the stuff that we need to go through the Canal.

It's looking like we will do it ourselves, we have detailed instructions, on it all now, so should not be as hard as we think.
Just a lot of organising, you do have to have a adviser who comes on the boat with you plus 4 line handlers and of course The Captain, we also have to hire ropes and car tyres.
And set up a date to get the boat measured as well, so it's all starting to come together, we may even get the boat measured on the weekend, we have to go around the island some, so will most likely leave this area soon.

I'm quietly happy about this, as its so hot here with not much wind at all, and we have had such a swell coming in from the ocean this afternoon, that I am sea sick again, honest am back popping pills, not fun.

Everyday we hear what sounds like a Muslims prayer service, over a load speaker, which we kinda thought was a bit weird, it turns out its a guy selling fruit and veges, from a truck, its very loud and I'm sure everyone all over the mountains can hear it

We have also noticed that the several times we have gone ashore, you often see a couple walking together and the guy is wheeling a wheelbarrow full of bags.

This has intrigue me a bit, well me being me, wanting to know about everything, gets a little closer to them and its their groceries.....hahaha
They use wheelbarrows as shopping carts, can you believe it.... Now we notice them all the time, I even saw a guy walking up the hill near our boat pushing one.

So next time you get one of those stupid trolleys, ( Push Carts ) for you American guys,
that has a mind of their own and curse and swear at them, well think of these guys who only have a wheelbarrow to use, even though I think it may just work better than the trolleys.

So as the sun sets and the monkeys start up their evening song, we enjoy the ( I was gonna say silence) haha it sure is not quiet, but it does feel peaceful.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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