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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 13th Jul 2013
Saturday 13th July 2013

Saturday 13th July 2013

Well first of all a big Happy Birthday to my sister Dianne, I know you had a great day. Xxx

We did not do a huge amount today, we are both still super tired from yesterday, and have lounged around a good chunk of the day.
And it's so hot, with hardly a breeze at all, I have no idea what the temp has been and I really don't want to know...haha

The Captain had a list a mile long of what he wanted to do, and said that it would take him all day...huh
On the top of his list was, getting one of the gas bottles refilled, and to get more diesel.

There is a local guy here right where we tie up the dingy when we go ashore, that sells all this, yesterday on our way back we stopped in to talk to him but he was not there.

So today he was delivering fuel to a boat near by and came over to see us.
We gave him some jerry cans and the gas bottle, he goes off and several hours later, returns with it all, except the gas tank, tells us he will be back with that later.

I just laughed at The Captain as, he was so warn out getting all that done sitting on his butt..... he though it was going to be a massive job.

We then decided to go around the island a bit in the dingy, as we see a lot of boats going back and forth with what looks like tourists and had asked a local where they take them.
She told us there is a little beach area that is really nice and it's a nice place for a swim.

As the water is too dirty to swim here we so wanted to cool off, so off we go, go around the corner which took I guess half an hour, and come across this place from a distance it's looks fantastic, up close not so good, we were the only white people there.

But the water was great, we had a good snorkel, and swim, even though the water is very barren, there was a few very colourful fish, and we had a little wander around the edge of the Jungle it was worth going there.

We got back to the boat at lot more refreshed and just had a quiet night, actually all our nights are quiet...haha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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