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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 27th Jul 2013
Saturday 27th July 2913

Saturday 27th July 2913

Well it seems like not a huge amount of things are happening around here, am a bit scared that we are becoming boring...hahaha

I have not done much other than the occasional, bit of cooking, reading heaps of books, and windging about the heat...the last being the worst.

I hate this heat it's driving me crazy, oh and we have had heaps of nana naps as well, we sure are recharging our batteries if nothing else.

We finally decided to try and meet up with the canal crew once again tonight, we have been trying to make a date since the last dingy dock disaster, so tonight was the night.

The Captain had been busy fixing the spinnaker pole, and that is all done now, he was so hot and tired he than needed a nana nap.

While he was in the land of nod, the lady on the boat near us yells out to turn my radio on quick.

Of cause I go into panic mode as I'm thinking whats wrong with our boat, are we sinking, has the anchor dragged, what can she see that I can't.
Yeah I know this boat still freaks me out a lot.

But no she just wanted to invite us over for drinks, I felt bad about saying we can't, as we already have plans tonight, but after watching dingy after dingy go over there and the amount of people that were climbing on board, there would of been no room for us anyway, man I could see their water line going lower and lower into the water.

I suppose we could of gone for and hour or so, but The Captain was asleep, and I still had to have a shower and get dressed, also I wanted to ring my boy back home, just to reassure myself that he was ok, and give him a bit of mum love. Yeah and a few tears on my part.

So after feeling a lot better knowing he is ok and getting all the horror story, that happened, am glad my girls kept most of it from me if I had known the full extent of it all, nothing in this world would of kept me from catching a plane home to him.
Even now I'm still struggling with it, so guys please nothing more ok, just don't do anything else till I get home, actually I think you guys should all wrap up in that cotton wool till I get back.... Haha and that goes out to The Captains kids as well.
I love our kids to death, but man it can be so so hard being a parent.

It's funny I know exactly the moment when something is wrong, even before I talk to them, it's crazy how I can be across the other side of the world and I just know, my kids know this as well and they always joke about it, sometime they think that Mum knows even before they do...haha

So getting back to our date night, well we get dressed and off we go, now this time we have judged it, so it will be high tide, and we can just climb up a few steps to shore.
With fingers crossed and pitch black with just our trusty little torch, we make it to the dock and yeap all is good, The Captain brings the dingy right to the steps, I say a few Hail Marys and climb out, with no dramas at all, he then takes the dingy to the dock locks it up and as he is trying to get into the rocking little wooded boat another guy came out to his dingy and gives him a lift to the steps instead, this went great other than a wet foot we were set.

So with a huge sigh of relief off we go, to wait for the guys to pick us up.
We all climb into their car even there little dog as well, which was trying to lick my face the whole trip, am not sure if you know but I have a few problems with animals, and dogs are on the top of this list. I can't help it, it's just a thing I like them and all but from a distance, well this little fox terroir was having none if it, he was a bundle of energy, and just took a shine to The Captain and me.
The Captain tried his best to keep him at a distance but in the end we just gave up.

But we had a lovely time, we all walked around the city with Alec telling us a lot of the history as we went.

Man a lot of it is still very third world but at least here they are slowly restoring it back to its former glory.

We drove and walked through some very scary places, they assured us that we were quite safe I had my doubts, but we are still alive.
Everywhere you look there is security guards, military personnel, and police all with bullet proof vest and carrying not just a normal gun, but shot guns, scary stuff.

We were stopped at a check point at one stage and one of the guards was playing around with his rifle and had it pointing straight at us at the window, this really freaked me out a lot.
But all in all we had a lovely meal with great company.

Then back to the dreaded dingy dock, Alec and Isa insisted on coming back to the dock with us to make sure it all went ok, The Captain and I tried to talk them out of it as we did not want them see us make a fool of ourselves, it can be quite embarrassing, watching us, I can tell you.

And true to form I very unladylike slipped down the steps and landed on my arse, but I can tell you I jumped up way faster than I went down but yeah other than The Captain, it was seen by all. :-/

Lucky there was no blood, but am gonna have a few very large bruises in the morning that's for sure.
My ankle and elbow came out the worst.

We had been away so long that the tide had gone right out again and after a climb over the rocks we made it back into the dingy with not much bother at all.
Thank god.

After a shower to wash off all the dog slobber, we have now both hit that brick wall, and once again the rocking of the water sends us off to sleep, and of cause the million and one bugs buzzing around our heads.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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