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Sailng on Windwanderer.
28th Jul 2013
Sunday 28th July 2013

Sunday 28th July 2013

My war on fruit flys.

This is a never ending battle, these guys are driving me nuts.
I have tried everything to get rid of them, the last time we were invaded in St Martin, if you remember it was from a can of peaches that had exploded.

Well not his time, I have searched the whole boat and can not find anything, that can be causing this.
Now I have an arsenal of fly spray, that we got in America, am sorry guys but your bug spray sucks.

It does not kill anything, I need the stuff back in Australia that kills all types of bugs.

Now I'm talking about the the big guns, the stuff that the bugs almost die when they see the can coming, yeap You guys all know it, the one and only Baygon.
You spray this stuff around and for months on end, not a single creature will even enter your dwelling, even the runner up is good too, we all know Louie the fly. ( Mortien )

So it was with great delight when we went into a grocery store here in Panama, and low and behold sitting on the shelf was cans of Baygon...yes was one Happy Hunter.

So we get a can of this stuff, as from previous experience even though the brand may be the same the contents can vary so much from country to country.

Does it work? .... Well it sure drops these little buggers to the ground I can tell you, but sadly not as good as our Aus brand.

Leo, our helper through the canal, told me not too worry about them, as its because of the jungle all around us, we will have them all the time while we are here, well jungle or no jungle, I'm not buying that, I want them out, they can go visit other boats.

Of cause I have done the google search, way too many times, have tried everything from lavender, cloves, wine, ( the Crappy wine that we can not bring ourselves to drink anymore ) vinegar, dish soap, you name it I have tried it.

So in sheer desperation, out came the horrible disgusting creepy sticky fly strips.
These things will catch anything and everything, including The Captain and I hate these things.
This time I refused to hang them, I just could not handle the dead bodies clinging to it and clinging to my hair, oh man it still gives me nightmares.

So, decided to try just pulling them out a little bit and sit them around the boat.
It has resulted in a few arms and various parts of our bodies being stuck, but with a quick race to a tap, from yours truly to wash off all the bodies., before I freak out completely, it's not too bad, this happens several times a day.... :-/

These sticky strips work a treat, but we have so many of the buggers flying around I can't keep up with them.
They say you should have screens on your windows and close all doors to keep the bugs out.
Well we have screens, with holes, bigger than bugs, and the screens blow out every time it's windy, which is all the time, and no doors at all, so yeah it's a never ending battle.

I have finally used my last lot of sticky strips, and nowhere to buy them here, so good old google to the rescue, you can make them yourself, yay this was huge excitement, so out come the honey, sugar, water, brown paper cut into strips, mixing all in a big pot on the stove, dipping, dripping all over the place, hours later and do they work? Nope the flys just come in to land, have a nice little feed and fly off again, back to google once again.

The war continues.

Well tomorrow is anther day.

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Diary Photos
28th Jul 2013  Image
Home made fly strips complete with a few visitors.

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