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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 31st Jul 2013
Wednesday 31st July 2013

Wednesday 31st July 2013

Well the freezer is not working like we were hoping it would, this is a real let down, but maybe in a few days it may just get better we are hoping.

We are getting the boat ready for our next leg, we are going to go to Las Perlas, first this is a one day sail, and it's supposed to be very pretty with a lot of Whale activity at the moment, we are hanging out to see whales.
Also there is about 4 other Aussie boats that are leaving around the same time and heading back to Aus.

Even though we may never see them, as all boats sail at different speeds, it will be a huge help if one of us gets into trouble at least someone will be a bit close to lend a hand, it may take a day to get to them but, it's better than nothing.

So it's a hive of activity once again, the couple that are selling their boat and going home, have a heap of supplies on board, so The Captain has been ferrying back and forth getting some supplies off them that we were going to buy anyway and they were selling cheap.

So while he was doing a very different grocery shop, I was busy going though the boat working out what supples we still need for our long hop and rearrange stuff.

And I can tell you now that we have our new freezer I have rearrange things into this plus the other two fridges, than changed them back again, than rearranged them Into other ones and so on, this has happened way too many times and am still not satisfied, so that's on going.

Also I have done some bulk cooking and trying to freeze some meals this is not working real good either, so that's ongoing as well.

So The Captains trips back twice with supplies has made me have to rearrange lots of stuff again and again, it's not easy i can tell you, where do you store an extra 10 bags of flour, 10 packets of 4 toilet paper rolls when you already have about 30 packets, and all the rest of the stuff as well, we have bulk of almost everything you can imagine.
Serious we almost have a floating grocery store on board here, it's crazy, we better start eating heaps I think as most of the stuff may just be taken from us when we hit Australia.

So after all this it was really getting late into the night we just had to call it a day, have a not so cold happy hour drink, still no ice, :-( and settle in for the night.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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