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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 2nd Aug 2013 - Summer 2013
Day 58-August 2, 2013-Oil Change, Casino, Albuquerque

Day 58-August 2, 2013-Oil change, casino, Albuquerque, NM
Great weather-85-some rain.
Drove 72 miles in 6 hours but stopped at a casino for a while
Went to Ed Corley Ford in Grants for an oil change on the truck-it was way overdue. We had called yesterday for an appointment and we were in and out. It was only 5 minutes from the campground so we left the RV there and just took the truck in. Came back, hooked up and drove 20 miles to Sky City, NM. Sky City is home to over 300 adobe buildings built in 1639 and owned by Native American Acoma tribe women who are known for their pottery. It’s built on a cliff that’s 370’ high and you can go for a tour if you want. And there’s also a great casino. Heather says the theme of our trip this year is casinos and buffets so, not to let her down, we ate lunch at the buffet….couldn’t refuse the player’s club price plus it covers dinner too ‘cause we ate late. Got $15 each in free play for signing up and managed to play that for about three hours. But we’re not really addicted to casinos, we passed by three more in the next 50 miles.
Drove 50 more miles through beautiful sandstone boulders which really looked pretty with the pink Sandia mountains covered with junipers, yuccas, ponderosa pines and sagebrush in the background to Albuquerque (from now on called ABQ) to Enchanted Trails RV Park on route 66. This is the “sister” campground to the one we stayed in at Canon City, CO. They both have restored RVs from the 50’s that you can rent. The owner of the campground in Canon City restored the ones here too. This one also has a retro laundry room and TV room with vintage equipment in both. We stayed here last year and really enjoyed it. As soon as we hooked up it started to GASP! rain but it only lasted a few minutes. They get about 9” of rain a year here so I’m not worried about getting flooded out even though there’s black sky and lightning all around us. Went storm chasing looking for a downpour to wash the truck because we can’t find a car wash big enough to fit the truck, no rain, no luck. The Ford dealer included a free wash with the oil change but they couldn’t fit it in the car wash bay, either. Got back to the campground and it started to rain and lots of lightning for about 10 minutes, then nothing but wind, wind, wind.

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