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Sailng on Windwanderer.
6th Aug 2013
Tuesday 6th August 2013

Tuesday 6th August 2013

Well we woke up looking at this place, it's so nice to be looking a pacific islands, it just has the right feel about it.

Today we are moving to the last island to meet up with the other boats, as per usual it is always another hive of activity.

I started with making some yogurt and bread. I have to say this was the best bread so far,  I so hope I can make this one again, although I may not be able too as per usual I throw in a but of this and a bit of that.

The yogurt did not work at all...  :-/

Then washing a few clothes cleaning up and eventually, the job I had been putting off, cleaning the deck, where I was fishing last night, also we had some resident pelicans while we were in Panama, who decided that they like the look of our boat and camped there for about a week, and man had they made a mess also.

So after all that scrubbing and washing in extreme heat, I was in much need of rest.

The Captain had been busy also doing odd jobs and then going ashore to see if he could get one of our gas bottles filled, he came back empty handed nope they did not have the right fitting here to fill ours, we do have plenty already, but you just never know.

So that was not gonna happen, after a quick tie down we were off to the last island.

This one took about three hours to get there with us both on the look out for whales, we did spot a few but still only at a distance, I have to say we are a bit disappointed, as they told us they are everywhere here.

We reached the island and we slowly motor into an anchorage and there are no other boats here, except a few doing what looked like road works on the water, serious there was even a tractor on a boat scooping earth into the water, was the strangest sight.

We check our charts again and find a few more anchorages so off we go nope still no boats, we are starting to get a bit concerned here, than we spot a place on the map so we go there, we come around the corner and there they are yay.

So after a bit of a hairy episode of anchoring in very strong winds all is good, The Captain goes off to say hi, and see what is going on , and I stay behind and make if I do say so myself the best beer battered fish and chips, in town.... Hahaha

It looks like we will all set off about 5am tomorrow, there is us two Australian boats and two French boats, they are not all going back to Aus, but at least part of the way.

One of the guys on a French boat has a new nav system that all the guys drooled over so after dinner they were getting together to work out a route to take.

I stayed on the boat and just chilled, well for about ten minutes until this huge mother of all mothers Moth flew into the cockpit, I can tell you this thing looked like in was straight out of the dinosaur era.
Man it was huge, now it flew in and yeap my kids I did the noise...hahahah
And it landed on the roof inside, well I can tell you I did not move a muscle until The Captain came back, I'm sure he noticed the fear in my eyes and I just pointed, and of cause it took that moment to start flying around, well talk about screaming when it landed on me I seriously thought I would have a heart attack, The Captain said I was brave as if it had landed on him he would of screamed louder than me...haha

Now The Captain wanted to kill it but I wouldn't let him, the thing looked like it had been alive for a million years already, so we shoo it out with a few pillows, a few times as the first time it flew straight back in again, ( a bit more screaming here, ) and once our hearts settled down some, we called it a night as we had an early start in the morning.

Well tomorrow is another day. 

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