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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 7th Aug 2013
Wednesday 7th August 2013

Wednesday 7th August 2013

It's 10pm my first official watch.

Day 1

We have had all kinds of seas, winds, and a million sail changes, man talk about different.

The weather is all over the place, us 4 boats all left around about 6am, well except for the other Aussie boat he was a bit late off the mark, but soon caught up with us.

Most of the day we have been in sight of each other, but now it's just us two Aussie boats that can see each other, the other two are about 5nm ahead.

We have talked back and forth on the radios on and off all day.

The French boat with the new nav system is  kinda like the one in charge sort of, he is getting updates all the time and he tells us all what direction to take.
The system he has is real good and it plots the way for you with the best weather window and all.

It kinda feels like a little community on the water, everyone is checking on each other all day long just to make sure we are alright,and chatting away, I'm very put out, as they are enjoying relaying what fish they are catching along the way, and yours truly has caught  none so far, other than my two lines that I had out they caught each other real well, which resulted with The Captain and myself sitting on the back of the boat for what felt like hours, untangling a huge mess, oh actually I did catch one other thing the dingy we now have a very nice Lure attached to the outer side of it that no matter how hard we tried we just can not reach it.

So then it gets dark we turn on the lights and within about five minutes two large moths fly in, now these are nothing like the monster last night, but man they are still big enough, its so not nice when they fly into your face and body I can tell you, so I gave in and let The Captain kill these ones, I thought two were bad man we were overtaking by these guys they just kept coming and coming, The Captain was on his 2nd can of spray and still they kept coming, I'm trying to have a lay down as I had not much sleep the night before and I'm laying here with a sheet covering from my feet to right over the top of my head and they are still landing on me.

We are both freaking our so bad, and the fumes from the spray is almost killing us, I decided to close up all the covers to keep them out, this lasted about 10 minutes, and we were so hot, I look at The Captain and say why don't we just use the sun shade covers, we had almost forgotten about these as we have not used them since we got the new covers installed, and they are still up there as well, and the good thing is they let the air in too.

Why we did not think of this in the first place I have no idea, but man I'm sitting here bug free, well almost I just killed one that found its way in, but all is good now, until tomorrow when we will have to collect all the bodies and toss them overboard, could take us all day...hahaha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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