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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 18th Aug 2013
Sunday 18th August 2013

Sunday 18th August 2013

Yeap, we are up and running.

We figured the pilot would come out to us around 12pm, and we had a mountain of stuff to do.

But we got there, we even managed to race into shore, dump our rubbish and hook up to the Internet, check emails, facebook and update blogs.

The Captain checks his bank statements and there is two withdrawals that were quite a high amount, like over a thousands, dollars each.
Now we racked our brains, and we can not think of anything that we had got recently, for those amounts, and they are all from Panama.
We checked the dates and it was like day 6 out at sea.

It looks like we have been scammed, the only thing we could do is send an email, to Vic's book keeper/ accountant back home and hope she can deal with it.
So yeah it's a worry.

12am on the dot the pilot comes out and hops aboard, and off we go, we had not had a chance, to get the dingy up and tied into place, so after the pilot got us out pass all the sandbanks, we had cleared land somewhat we put the boat in neutral, and bobbed around till he got it all up and secure.

The next major drama is the wind nav thingy is not working, we can not get any wind speed at all, only wind direction...far out here we go again.
Out come all the manuals, we should just keep these guys in the cockpit all the time, we seem to read them more than we read novels, maybe that's what cruisers do for reading material...haha

We can not get it working at all, no matter what we try, also the chart plotter is giving us funny readings as well.

So we just set off, and hope maybe they might right themselves, and hope for the best.

once again we are back out here no land in sight, no ships no nothing, just us and nature, and hope we make it to the other side, in one piece.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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