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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 19th Aug 2013
Monday 19th August 2013

Monday 19th August 2013

00°27'S.  81°23W. 65.5nm

3539nm to go

Day 1

3.30am My Watch

Man I'm tired, not much is happening, other than the wind nav thingy still not working.

I have really struggled through this watch, as its so quiet, I think I saw one boat, the whole time, I could feel myself falling asleep so many times, no amount of coffee or snacks would wake me up enough.

I ended up getting the old lap top, with ear plugs in, am not sure here if it was to  keep from waking The Captain, or keeping out his snoring....haha

We have about 10 or so movies downloaded on there so I just watched bits and pieces, of most of them, but it got me through the watch.


Well after a great sleep, I have woken up to a grey old day, with still not much happening.

We are heading west, and should be heading south, but the wind is not playing nice, so we come about a lot to try and get somewhere.

We have motor sailed most of the trip so far, but managed to turn it off for a few hours which was nice.

Of cause I have my rod and line out but still no fish.

As I was polishing the windows, yeah go figure, that is what you do when you have smears on the window and can not see out, we are only talking cockpit windows here.
I had tried several time to clean them before we left, but nothing seemed to work, and last night was really hard to see.

So the only thing left to try well almost was polish, I did have a harness on and clipped to the life rails, as we were heeled over a fair bit and it was a choppy sea.
I only managed one side as it was just way too rough to do the other, so that will have to be done tomorrow, and yes it worked they are sparkling clean.

So getting back to me going on deck to do the windows, I spotted a squid, on deck, am not sure I have mentioned them but we get a lot on deck, dead of cause, this is great excitement on my part, as I instantly pull in my rod and hook it on.

It seems to work good and it sure can't do any harm.


After struggling for what seemed like hours cooking dinner, we now have full tums, and once again we are settling in for the night.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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