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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 20th Aug 2013
Tuesday 20th August 2013

Tuesday 20th August 2013

00° 21'S. 82° 30'W. 

3443nm to go

Day 2

12am my watch

Once again am trying to keep myself awake, my watch actually started a few hours ago, with nothing happening at all.

I have been thinking of the things I have learned, along the way, with boating and stuff, not to mention the obvious, like learning to sail, reading instruments, leaning how the boat handles...etc

But I guess lessons and mistakes along the way, in the galley, now I could write a novel here...hahaha

I have learned, that fresh fruit and veggies do not last long at all, they rot almost right before your eyes.

I have learned to invent crazy dishes, to use up all the fruit and veg that is ripe or over ripe.

I have learned that cold water will clean dishes, I hardly ever use hot water. And that a lot of country's use a cream to wash dishes not liquid.

I have learned that it is normal to see the water running out of the tap, horizontally at a 45° angle, and that salt water will splash up and out of the drains.

I have learned to use the oven, without burning too much stuff.

I have learned that the salt water that sometimes drips in from the vent above the stove, saves me from adding extra salt to dishes.

I have learned that no matter how careful you are when placing things on the counter top, the moment you take your hand off it, it will fly off the counter, and turn into missiles real quick.

I have learned that plastic bowls and plates do break, when flown across the floor, almost always, full of food.

I have learned to use the arse sling,  although it is never long enough to reach that one item you desperately need.

I have learned that the fridges will,  freeze stuff solid one day and be all thawed out the next day,  also that you have to unpack the whole contents, searching for that one particular item that always manages to be right at the bottom.

I have learned that when making coffee, the contents never land in the mug.

I have learned to force myself to like powdered milk, can veggies, can meats, and that canned chicken, no matter how it is prepared, does not taste or resemble, chicken in any shape or form.

I have learned that my yogurt making skills are next to none, and have given up.

And finally I have learned to make bread, yeap you heard me right, I have finally mastered it, and it taste nice as well...hahah

7pm my watch

Well not much is happening around here, the wind picks up some, and we fly along at around 6knots, or so, then the wind dies and we do about 1 knot, this has been happening all day long.

There has been a lure change on one of my lines, and still no hint of a fish in sight.

And a good chunk of the day we have slept, The Captain had a much needed sleep earlier in the day, and then I have slept almost the rest of it, on and off, I did wake up at one stage with one of my pain attacks, but managed to get it under control real quick, and was back asleep in no time at all.
I have no idea what brought this attack on, but at least it was not too bad.

And once again I sit here trying to stay awake.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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