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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 25th Aug 2013
Sunday 25th August 2013

Sunday 25th August 2013

Day 7

05°15'S.  91°39'W

2707nm to go

6am my watch.

I just want this to stop, man it's horrible.

My whole body is hurting, from being thrown around so much, and The Captain, is feeling the same.

The waves are so so big, if I was to guess I would say over 15ft easy.
Then you get the roll action happening, we roll so far over, that everything, crashes to one side down below, including the water in the toilet bowl, (it is clean water), then we roll back the other way and everything rolls to the other side, pity the toilet water would not roll back in. :-/
This goes in sets of four, with a five minute break if we are lucky.

I kinda lost it, it just got way too much, and just cried and cried, it terrifies me, when the ocean is like this, and to top it off we have had two squalls Come through, which resulted in not only rain, but crazy winds, so not fun.

But amongst all this chaos, the fish I had yesterday, well it was food for a much bigger fish, bite right through a wire tracer and all.

But I managed to catch another Mahi Mahi, this time on the hand line, I pulled it in some, this I can do in the cockpit, then we waited for a bit of calm, and both with our harnesses on we battled the weather, and got it on board.

It was already dead by this time, with a missing eye and the other hanging out, was gross, we can only imagine that when it died, it's mouth fell open and the pressure of the water, did that to it.

So now I'm faced with this one eyed freak, and I gotta filet it, in rough seas.
I managed to wedge myself at the side of the deck, and set to work, with as The Captain said, one hand holding the rail, the other hand holding the fish and a knife between my teeth...haha 

Not really but close, and what a mess, there was blood and guts everywhere, the waves crashing on me helped clean some of it away, and I had the water hose out as well, but by the time I was finished I sure needed a shower.

Am starting to get a little better at my filleting skills, just, at least this time we seem to have more fillets, and also I have some bait for the next, adventure.

Well tomorrow is anther day.

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