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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 28th Aug 2013
Wednesday 28th August 2013

Wednesday 28th August 2013

Day 10

06°44'S. 98°43'W

2441nm  to go.

4am my watch

Actually it has been my watch for awhile, I tried to lay down and sleep, but it did not happen real well, so I gave up and The Captain, is snoring away across from me.
Although he did get a rude awakening a little while ago, with me squealing.

I was sitting minding my own business, listening to music on my ipad, watching the radar and AIS, when I heard this BANG on the covers, then flapping, next to me, man another flying fish, this one  managed to get through the only zipper opened next to me. 

Well I jumped up so quick the damn thing is flapping around my feet now and of coarse The Captain had to come to the rescue, and get it out for me, although I would not let him throw it over the side, just onto the deck, can't waste tomorrow's bait.

So now I sit with the strong odour of fish, until I can clean the mess up in the morning.

10.30 am

Man what a sleep I managed to get five hours, it feels like ten...haha

I look around and I have bait everywhere on deck, well at least what  I can see.
I have two flying fish, and three Squid, one squid is sitting on the window ledge of the cockpit, go figure.

Am not sure about these squid, do they fly, or is it a wave that puts them there, where is google when you need it.

So in comes the line, and it has been bitten off at the tracer once again, it must of been one big fish, as the line was also stretched and curled, am glad that one is not on the boat.

Although The Captain keeps saying I have that much bait around here, that they are going to start thinking the whole boat is one big bait...hahah

I feel as though I have been cooking all day.
We had French toast and maple syrup for brunch, and then a kinda salad, with the leftover fish and chips from last night, for dinner, and then I made coconut bread, but was a bit disappointed as it does not have that real coconut flavour I was hoping for.

And with some more washing done, the cockpit once again looks like a Chinese laundry.

This afternoon The Captain put up the staysail to find it has a rip in it, only a small one but it will need repairing soon, we will need to keep a close watch on it.
He has also been busy on and off adjusting the sails, all day as well, just trying to get that, extra knot or two.

It's still a very lumpy sea, with big rolling waves, am not sure if we are just getting used to it, or what, although my body tells me different, man there is not one single part of me that does not ache.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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