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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 29th Aug 2013
Thursday 29th August 2013

Thursday 29th August 2013

Day 11

07°28'S. 100°23'W

2337nm to go

1am my watch

So here I sit once again, trying to stay awake.

Today I found out I'm a Great Aunt once again, another little boy, that makes 9 great nieces and nephews, with one more on the way.

The wind, is going all over the place, and I have been jumping up and down pressing buttons, this way and that, to try and stop, the damn sails from flapping around the place, we are only doing about 3kts which is pathetic, at this rate it will take months to get there.

On the fishing skills, yesterday I hooked 3 Mahi Mahi, but they got away, the last one is still on the hook, I think. 
this guy I caught just when it was getting dark, I managed to get him right to the boat, and man he is over a meter long, but being dark it's just way too hard to clean and fillet, so I let the line back out and maybe just maybe he may still be there when it gets light again.

They seem to really go for the squid, I hook one every time, but their 2nd best is the flying fish, this works good too.

I actually have not hooked anything else, but Mahi Mahi, even using different lures, am starting to wonder if that is the only fish out there.


Ok its daylight and my fish is still there...yay

I decided to have a coffee first before pulling in this monster.
So minding my own business, finishing off my coffee, when I heard the line snap, OMG are you kidding, I lost it, if only I had not had that last bit of coffee.

This set the mood for the day, I was grumpy, and just feeling tired and yuck.

So after hunting around the deck for anything I could use for bait, I ended up with 3 very dried up squid, and three dried up flying fish.

The first flying fish last about five minutes and comes off, the squid was much better, I caught a big one that decided he liked my hook as his latest lip piercing, and off he takes.

Another squid flicked over board, great, as you can see things where just not working out good, had almost decided to quit for awhile, it was just way too hard a work.

I ended up having a lay down which did nothing, as The Captain had decided to change the sails once again, this time I think he called it wing on wing.
It's basically the yankee sail with a pole attached going out one side, and the main sail going out the other side.

Now this usually works really good, but not this time, with the swell quite large it resulted in the wind catching one sail, and rolling us deep to one side, then catching the other sail, and rolling us deep to the other side, and I'm trying to sleep, I look at The Captain, and say you gotta be kidding, he says just think of it as your big brother rocking your cradle really hard, huh I'd like to rock his cradle.
Then he tells  me at least we are heading in the right direction, I did not care, I was not happy Jan.

So after he got sick of hearing me groaning and complaining for like forever, he finally decided to change sails once again, as the pole was coming down the end broke off, great, another repair to be dealt with.

And on we go, with a hundred sail changes, and one very lumpy sea and once again, we settle in for the night.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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