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Sailng on Windwanderer.
30th Aug 2013
Friday 30th August 2013

Friday 30th August 2013

Day 12

08°01'S.  102°26'W

2213nm to go

3am my watch

Man it's rough again, am over this, big time.
And I hate night watches, somehow, I have managed to get two night watches every night.
Am not sure how that happened, this so needs to change.

So am sitting here holding on with a death grip, as I try to think about how to write, about my latest fishing story, yeah I know that's all you hear, but other than this horrible crapy ocean, and sail changes and eating, nothing else is happening out here, we have not seen any signs of human life in well over 10 days.

We are so lucky we get on really well and like each others company, if not it sure would be miserable.
Am saying that now, another 3 weeks of this and maybe not...hahaha

So my fishing story... Well I make up my own rigs, am sure the fishing experts would be horrified if they saw what I do, but hey I'm here to prove them wrong, it seems to work.

The knots I use are anything that works, the rest is the same, but I need someway of keeping the last flying fish longer on my hook than five minutes.

So I decided with another hook, on a long piece of line, attached with a swivel to the other swivel thingy.
I think I have about five swivels on this line at the moment.

Anyway I put the bait through the first hook, wrap the extra line around and around the bait then onto the second hook, haha.. Have myself a nice little wrapped flying fish parcel.

Throw the whole lot over board, and watch that little sucker, going through the water, he looks like he is surfing on his tail through the water...hahaha

Within ten minutes I've hooked another Mahi Mahi, surprise, surprise.
It's about 3pm in the afternoon yesterday and the ocean has settled down some, so The Captain and I, decided to sit on the back deck, and with me slowly pulling in the line we watched this guy fighting all the way.
He was a beauty well over a meter long, and the strain on the line was almost cutting through my fingers, I actually had the line around my knee as well trying to brace it some.

We get it closer and I got The Captain to get the net ready, and then we sat and watched some more.
I was getting desperate for another catch, as I wanted to use one for bait as well.
All of a sudden it goes mental and off the hook it goes, only to get jagged by the tail with the second hook....hahaha

Now I'm pulling it in backwards, by the tail, and yeap we have pics to prove it, The Captain raced to get the camera as he said no one will believe this one.

Now the theory  out there, says if you pull a fish backwards, it will drown, is so so wrong.
At first we thought it was right, as it finally stopped flapping about, and we thought it was a good time to bring it on deck.

Am not sure who was holding what at this time when chaos erupted.
There were lines, there were hooks there were nets, a fish going mental, me trying to pour Pims down its gills, The Captain cut his hand mine got ripped by a hook and there is alcohol, scales and blood flying everywhere, not sure who's blood was whose.

But we managed to quiet it down, and still have it on the deck.
To make matters worse we both had clean clothes on that I had got off the line like two hours ago and now along with the rest of the boat was covered in fish scales, fish slime, and blood, what a mess, it took hours to clean up.

The Captain goes back to his pole repair while I fillet the fish and also get myself some nice bait.

And after some much needed showers we have a kinda clean boat once again, after all this hard work am starting to think this fishing business is not so fun anymore. :-/

Well tomorrow is another day.

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30th Aug 2013  Image
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