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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 4th Sep 2013
Wednesday 4th September 2013

Wednesday 4th September 2013

Day 17

8° 52'S. 113°39'W

1543nm to go


Well there is great excitement on this here boat, we have spotted a ship...yay

This is the first time, in over 14 days, so now I can stop worrying that there is no one out there anymore but us...hahaha

The Captain is asleep, well kinda, as neither of us can sleep real well as its just way too rough, we are really struggling tonight.

So I'm watching this ship on the radar, as its about 14nm away and I can't see it yet.
It's gets to 8nm and I can see lights, the thing that worries me is that it has not moved at all, I'm starting to think it maybe a oil rig, or pirates.. 

At 6nm it still has not moved and am really starting to worry, I want to wake The Captain, but he is snoring away, its the first time all night he has been in such a deep sleep.

So I get some weapons ready, the spotlight, the mace spray and the stun gun, are all keeping me company at the moment.

Then it gets to 4nm, now it should be showing up on the AIS by now, but nothing, I open the hatch and look through with the binoculars, and there is a lot of lights, am certain oil rig.

Well panic hits I wake The Captain, and we both sit and watch, he changes course a bit, then finally it comes onto the AIS, it's a Japanese fishing vessel.
Well that's a relief, we assume they are fishing for Tuna, as that's what I caught yesterday.

We had to change coarse several times to miss it as they kept changing coarse as well, at one stage they were heading straight for us, it was a bit scary, but the most exciting thing that has happened for awhile.

Then we settled down again The Captain tried once again to have a sleep, myself I watched a movie and the night went on.

Well tomorrow is another day. 

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