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Sailng on Windwanderer.
7th Sep 2013
Saturday 7th September 2013

Saturday 7th September 2013

Day 20

09° 04'S. 119°11'W

1218nm to go


And yeap here I sit.

We still have very calm seas, man it's so nice.
The only problem is there is no wind to speak of, and we are already up to day 20.

Can you believe it, 20 days man the way we are going at the moment it will take us another 20 days to get there.

I so wish there was just a happy medium, even a bit like a few days ago, just enough wind to be doing about 5knts.

We did managed to get a lot done yesterday, and today I hope a lot more.
We have sealed 4 port holes, and one more window, which is great.

Today I managed to clean out three lockers in the galley, I also painted the inside of these as well, man what a job, it took almost all day.

I actually want to repaint all the lockers as they sure need it, and while the seas are calm I thought today is a good day to start.

There is a reason for my madness with cleaning, as we had all those leaks again, and everything in those lockers were wet with salt water, and also, we have been taken over with fruit flys once again.

Now you know how I am with bugs, of any shape or size, well these little bastards are doing me in.

I have tried everything to get rid of them, I swear I use a can of spray a day, and all the other stuff that is suppose to get rid of them, and nothing and I mean nothing is helping.
I can only guess that they must of hatched from the previous ones, three weeks or so ago.
I even have the old disgusting fly swatter out, with some modification, of a plastic zip lock bag, taped around it, as the holes were just way to big, I think they are made for large flys. At least this works, a bit.  

The other bit of excitement today is we got the spinnaker sail up for the first time.
This is a huge sail that has always just sat in a bag on deck.
It is very light weight and meant for very light winds.

The Captain has been thinking of putting this out for a few days now, and always when he thinks he will do it, the wind picks up, you really do not want this sail up in big winds.
Also it's a lot of work to put it up, as you have to take in the Yankie, and stay sail.

Now we were not sure how to go about putting this up as you have to anchor certain points of the sail to here and there, and it's a big, big, big, momma big, sail.

So we decide what the heck today is the day.
Out it comes from it's cover, now The Captain had told me what it looks like, but man, it's a strange thing.

It's in what they call a sail sock, with a fibreglass thingy, seriously it looks like a very large intestine coming out of a toilet seat, serious, and the theory behind it, this goes up the top of the mast, with the sock and you attach ropes and pull them down, then the sock slides up and the sail comes out.

Well after both of us being tangled with ropes and sails flying everywhere, up she goes, and it worked....haha

We were both surprised how quick it all happened.

It's a very nice blue colour and as it's filling out, we are smiling at how pretty it is, and low and behold dead smack in the middle is a huge ugly white Rabbit..... :-/   ( the smiles fade )

Yeap the previous owners last name was Hare, and their blog was called Rabbit on the Run.
Hence the rabbit, the rabbit is so so ugly, this is something we seriously need to fix....haha does not go with our image at all.

( this sail is now official named "The Rabbit" )

But after some adjustment it's working fine and giving us the much needed speed.
The only problem is, we can't leave it out over night, so the whole process as to be repeated, every time we want to use it.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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