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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 11th Sep 2013
Wednesday 11th September 2013

Wednesday 11th September 2013

Day 24

08° 36'S. 127° 19'W. 

678nm to go


And still it continues, man it's rough.
Every part of me is hurting, from being thrown around so much.

I managed to get a few hours sleep and The Captain is sound asleep at the moment.

But we sure have some catching up to do.

I just hope the ocean settles down enough so we can get some decent sleep through the day.


Yes, it's finally settled down.
We have changed coarse and heading in the right direction once again, but this time we have calm seas, not dead calm, but so so nice compared to yesterday.

So we are gently rocking side to side, doing about 5knts, sitting here enjoying a coffee, and the beautiful day we are having, seems perfect hey.

Well I thought so, not so The Captain. He wants to put up the pole for the Yankee  as he thinks we need to adjust are bearings just a touch, I'm saying leave it alone look how nice it is.

Does he listen nope, does he ever nope....hahaha

So out he goes and puts up his damn pole, me am thinking there goes the nice ride.
Well to my surprise its not too bad at all, maybe a bit more rocking, but not bad, The Captain, just gives me that I told you so look, and off he goes to have a look at the Water maker.

The water maker, stopped working yesterday, and we are starting to get desperate, for water, we let it run down too low, not on purpose, but after another big wash, and hosing down the deck the other day after filleting the fish, used a fair amount of it.

Normally we would just catch up on and off for the next few days, but having rolly seas and the rough weather yesterday, we could not make any.
If you roll to far to one side you get an air lock in the hoses and it can't draw in water, this happens a lot.
He thought that's was all it was, but no, not this time, man here we go again.

The roll is getting a bit more serious, and there is not much chance of making water.
So up The Captain comes and announces, that he is going to take the pole down, and hope that settles the roll.
This time I have that look on my face...haha

To take down the pole is not so easy as you have to roll in the sail first, take the pole off and then let the sail back out again.
It usually works like clock work, but not so this time.

I notice a tear in the sail, near the end, which resulted in, when the sail rolled in, it got all tangled, and would not roll out again...far out.

I was down below, and The Captain yells out, that he needs my help.
I come barreling up the steps, with fear in my heart, thinking a big storm is about to hit.
But no thank god just a huge tangle.

We wrestle with this thing for ages, both on each side of the boat at the winches, letting it out, taking it in, etc.
Eventually we get it to unfurl...yay

And it works, we have settled down, once again, he goes back to check the water maker, nope not working, out comes the manual. :-/
Nothing happening, we are starting to get concerned, as we still have about 5 days left and what happens if we run out of water.

We both were in desperate need of a shower, and I so needed to wash my hair.

But after fiddling around for awhile he gets it working...yay only for it to stop again, no yay.
This goes on for awhile, and finally she starts making water...yes.

By this time my bread has finished baking, well actually bread rolls, yeap you heard right not only can I make bread, but now rolls as well...haha
But they don't look, much like a normal roll should, but they taste good, and it sure is a lot easier that having to slice the bread all the time.

So next breakdown, as The Captain was getting in the pole earlier he noticed the life line had broken, on the starboard side....never ends hey.

This is major, as when we are out there you really depend on these guys to stop you falling over board.
Some Clip has broken away, The Captain searches through all the spares and can't find the right fitting, so he goes out and fixes it with some rope, that will hold until when can get it fixed properly.

It seems not only The Captain and crew fell apart from the horror seas yesterday, but the boat did as well, lucky most are small repairs, but we are starting to get a long list of repairs once again.

As for me I spend a very large chunk of the day, cleaning sorting and rearranging stuff, man was I tired in the end, so much for all the catch up sleep I needed, at least The Captain got a good couple of hours.
And now the generator has stopped working...far out.

Well tomorrow is anther day.

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