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Sailng on Windwanderer.
13th Sep 2013
Friday 13th September 2013

Friday 13th September 2013

Day 26

08°19'S. 130°38W

401nm to go


Just sitting doing nothing, trying to keep myself awake, I so so hate this watch  I do anything and everything to try and stay awake.

I check the radar, no ships, or big scary clouds, I check the map, yeap kinda going in the right direction, I get up and look out and all around, this to me always seems just a huge waste of time, as its so pitch black you can see nothing. 
And on and on it goes, I am really struggling to stay awake, I think it's because I have warn myself out too much the last few days.

We decided to have a day off today as we really need it.

The strain of not enough sleep is taking its toll.
I actually had two sleeps through the day, and I think The Captain was the same.

But I'm still feeling very tired and run down, so what do I do, I cook, so much for the day off...haha

But anyway at least we have food or a few days.
I try to cook stuff that is easy to snack on though the night watches, as you really need something that you can grab quick, and get back up on watch.

Not that we stress too much about being back up there the whole time, as we have the two alarms set always,and boy do they let you know, if something is getting close, it goes off with such a ear piercing sound.
Many a times you will be down stairs, and the alarm goes off, you come barreling up the gangway, heart racing, trying to silence it so it does not wake the other up, and thinking your getting run over by a cargo ship, to find its just a cloud....haha

I really think we are both so used to it going off, that we just sleep through it anyway.

As for the ocean, well it's still nice, gently swell, a few rolls here and there,but  this is nice sailing.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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