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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 14th Sep 2013
Saturday 14th September 2013

Saturday 14th September 2013

Day 27

08°27'S 133°46'W

363nm to go


Yeah you read right have been a bit slack today and have not written any thing all day.

I'm just way too tired, I can't seem to shake this warn out feeling, at all, no matter how much sleep I get through the day nothing is helping.

I've been watching a mini series on the hard drive that was downloaded ages ago, and even though I have seen it before, I could not remember a lot of it.
This has kept me entertained a fair bit, as it had thirteen episodes, so I have chilled and watched it on and off all day.

The Captain has also been chilling, and just reading, we both so much needed this day.

The ocean is picking up a bit, the waves are getting a bit bigger and choppy, but still ok.

This afternoon I caught myself another, wait for it... Mahi Mahi....hahaha
Serious it is the only fish out here in this ocean, I swear, they must be the kings, and rule the whole pacific, or just plain dumb and get suckered into the bait.

I let him wear himself out for ages, than we had to make the decision to bring it onboard or let it go.

It was getting very late in the afternoon, and I really did not feel like going ten rounds with this guy, trust me that's what it really feels like.

Man you think they are so warn out, almost dead, but don't let them fool you.
Actually they do every time, you would think we would have learnt our lesson by now.

It's alway a joint effort, when we get one online, I mostly reel it in, to the back of the boat, than The Captain takes over, he brings it around to the side, I have the net in hand and together we lift it up and onto the boat.
Now this little sucker, will be all quiet, sometimes kick a bit, and you think yes, this one is gonna be easy, until you place it on deck.

It's like something clicks in its brain, and they go mental, serious it's like it's possessed, it kicks it bucks, it showers everything with blood and scales, than it changes colour, it goes from the brilliant blue, green and yellow, to silver and blue, it's the strangest thing, then it gets its second wind, goes mental once more, than dies and the yellow, green colour comes back.

We watch this every time in wonder, at a very safe distance, I tell you, we have learnt too stay way, out of their way.

But this guy we finally decided to let go, the main reason being that we still have not built back up our water supply, and you need a lot to clean up after the kill.
As per usual, it would not just get off the hook by itself, this only happens when you want to keep it, so we lift it up and grab a pair of pliers get the hook out and watch it swim away. Another lucky fish.

And once again we settle in for a long night, ahead.

Well tomorrow is anther day.

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