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Sailng on Windwanderer.
15th Sep 2013
Sunday 15th September 2013

Sunday 15th September 2013

Day 28

08°43'S. 134°55'W. 

295nm to go


Well The Captain has let me sleep longer than usual, it's so nice of him, to do this, but I always feel so guilty as then he never gets enough sleep.

I still feeling very wasted, and again not much got done today.

The main reason is because it is so rough.
Yeap are beautiful ocean has turned on us once again, it's not really choppy, just big waves that throw us so far one side to the other.
And they are big, we are getting tossed around so bad, I hate it like this, it wears you out so much, not too mention the mess it makes down below and just trying to do anything well it's just hopeless.

We had anther break in the early hours of the morning, the main sails rope chaffed through.
At least this time it's has lasted almost a month, which is a great improvement from only lasting three days.
This is an easy fix, that The Captain, has had a lot if practice at...haha
But in this kind of ocean, it's not gonna happen, it just way too rough.

So that's three out of four sails needing repairs, not a good track recorded this trip and we also have to repair the Yankee pole as well.

But we are getting closer to land, only a few days left with any luck, than we will have completed our biggest crossing that we will most likely do our whole sailing life.

It's been a long hard trip, but we will be able to say, that these too oldies have sailed a 65foot boat all the way across the pacific, not many would have done this without a boat load of extra crew.

Maybe it would of been easier with extra aboard, but we have coped and it's just really nice, just being the two of us.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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