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Sailng on Windwanderer.
19th Sep 2013
Thursday 19th September 2013

Thursday 19th, september 2013

Well here we are in Taiohae, on the island of Nuka Hiva in the Marquises.

What a pretty place this is, it really has a nice feel about it, the local people are all very friendly, although most speak French, but understand English as well.
Even though its very third world, its also a very clean place, you can tell they have pride in their little island

Today was catch up day on the Internet and than organise with a local guy here, from what they call yacht services, Kevin the owner is American, so that's good, we can understand him.
He has been organising to get our repairs done, check into the place  laundry, basically anything, yeah he does it all.

We sit at the local little, cafe, if you can call it that, it's kinda plastic chairs and tables, they serve food and drinks, and wash the dishes in a tub outside, but very clean as well, well kinda with dogs, cats and chickens running around your feet. 
They let you use their WiFi if you buy something.
It's on the waters edge surrounded by little market like places, a kinda shop here and there, locals cleaning their daily catch, hanging fish slices out to dry, just a mixed bag, of anything and everything
So what do we do when we land on land? we order a fresh
 fruit juice, yeah we are so hanging out for fresh fruit and veggies.
They make this juice from bananas, grapefruit, and papaya and it taste so good, we had to have two just to make sure....haha

So a good chunk of the day was spend on the Internet, catching up on the last month that we have missed.
The Captain left several times to run errands, and I went off to the local fruit and veg market to check them out.

I came back with two bags full, man I could have brought heaps more, I decided to try a few local fruits that we have not had before, the main one was a grapefruit, or as they are really called a pamplemousse, they are about the size of a rock melon, and look like a green orange. 
Well I could not wait to get back to the boat and try it.
It's a strange flavour it's kinda sweet, it's like eating a lime green orange, and tastes like a orange, lemon and lime all mixed in together, we are sure going to buy more of these that's for sure.
I also got some dried bananas, these are in a long rubber type roll tied with string, and wrapped in bamboo. you just unwrap it and just slice it, once again a strange flavour, kinda like dried dates. 
I think I may make some scones with these, or just eat them as they are.

As I'm sitting here with my ipad on my lap and my laptop on the table, and The Captains laptop next to that, yeah I did say I had a lot of catching up to do.
We actually where downloading stuff on all of these.
Anyway the owner of the place, a guy called, Henry comes up behind me and looks at my laptop and my screen saver is of my three kids, and he points to Bek and says is that you, and I laugh and say no it's my daughter, he says well she looks like you, than looks at Madd and says huh Brittany Spears....hahaha
Poor Madd I still laugh every time I think about it, and Madd no you do not look like here at all, we are talking a very small island here, they are really cut off from the real world. 

And life goes on, we go back to the boat,and start the hundred and one repairs, until we are just too tired to go on.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
19th Sep 2013  Image
Nuka Hiva

19th Sep 2013  Image
Nuka Hiva
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