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Sailng on Windwanderer.
29th Sep 2013
Sunday 29th September 2013

Sunday 29th September 2013

Day 7

17°19'S. 149°05'W


Well it's 6pm, we have a lighthouse blinking in the distance on our starboard and ship lights coming up behind us on our port and a plane in the sky.
Man this is getting busy hahaha.

We are about 20nm off Tahiti, and it's dark.
All day we have tried to slow the boat down so we can get there in daylight, but its was not meant to be, so we have headed back out away from land, which seems all wrong.
But if you could see the nav charts that we are looking at you would understand, there is no way you wanna go in here in the dark, it's just way too many coral reefs, so we will sail around here until daylight then we will head once again back to shore.

I just caught a fish, yay yay, but it's dark no yay
We decided to bring it close to the boat so we could just see what it was, well it's the strangest looking fish, a very beaky mouth, and very thin and long, I have a fish ID app so I look it up and we think it must be a ribbon fish, it's not something we want to eat, it just looks wrong so if its still there in the morning I will use it for bait.

Well my fish was gone...:-( we so wanted to see this guy in the morning, but no, oh well we may catch another one.

Oh and we had the biggest flying fish I have ever seen on deck this morning, this guy was a monster.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
29th Sep 2013  Image
A cruise ship going past the island of Moorea

29th Sep 2013  Image
The huge flying fish with a normal size one next to it.

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