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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 1st Oct 2013
Tuesday 1st October 2013

Tuesday 1st October 2013

Well man did we sleep, although we still slept in the cockpit, as its so hot. It even rained and we did not wake up, and we had all the covers up and all.

I have to say its in the most cleanest water we have been in, in a long time.
The Captain has been running around all day, we had some breakages along the way surprise, surprise.
The bracket that broke from the main sail, that he repaired in the Marquesis, broke again, so it has taken him all day to get it off, and he took it into a local guy here to have welded, that is now done, but the bolts that hold it in place, well these guys go through the fitting, through the deck and into the saloon and are about 25cm long, they are huge, one was damaged while he was getting it out, so he had to run into town to get some more threaded rod, so the local guy can make another one for us, that's ongoing.

The shroud that needs repairing he has got off and taken it in to this guy as well, now the guy does not have the right fittings for this, so while The Captain was in town he went to a riggers to see if they had the right fitting and no such luck, so the local guy has to now order the part in from New Zealand, man it's gonna cost us a fortune, and we have getting it flown here as quick as possible, so we may have to sell our souls to pay for it all...haha
The gooseneck for the main boom, a fitting on it broke away and that needs repairing as well.

Me well as per usual I cleaned and organised the boat once again, with a few cold it's hot.
Finally I decided it was time a set foot on land.
There is a couple here living on their boat who is friends of a friend of The Captain's.
Of course he is South African and she is French, they have been living this life for well over 35years and are as happy as can be.
Eric and Daphne are really lovely people, and he looks just like The Captain, serious it's scary how much they look alike, they have been here for well over 12 months and even the locals are Getting them mixed up.
I'm starting to wonder if some wild oats were sewn many years ago...hahaha

So anyway Eric takes The Captain into town, as they have a car, and while they do that they drop me off at the local bar, where I can catch up on some much deprived Internet.
I sit and order a white wine, and about 5mins I start to feel one of my pain attacks starting, I go into panic mode as they only speak French and I wanted to order some ice cream or something to slow it down some, as there was nowhere I could go or contact The Captain.
With a lot of broken English I managed to get through to them what I wanted, or it may of been the look of pain on my face, that did it.

It was a bad one, with me ending up dropping everything and spending a long long time in the Rest Room, :-(
The ice cream eventually worked, and it all settled down again, but it left me so exhausted and fragile, I just hate it, and this time it was nothing I ate, so must of just been stress.

Anyway The Captain came back to pick me up as we were going to the local grocery store, but that didn't happen he got me back to the boat and I just slept for an hour or so and felt fine again.
Eric and Daphne came over for a few drinks, and we had a nice night.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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