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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 2nd Oct 2013
Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Well today was another hot one in down town Tahiti. And man is it hot, from the moment that sun comes out we are pulling down the sun screens in the cockpit, opening hatches and turning on every fan, just to try and cool things down, even a little bit.

As per usual we are still madly fixing up the repairs that need doing, this took a good chunk of the day, then we decided to go to the local supermarket.
This was my first official look around town, well this part of town anyway.

It's just so much like the other places, just a lot more modernise, to be fair I have only seen a little bit of the island so far.
You may think why, well when you come into a place and you have been out in the ocean for a week or two, well you are totally exhausted and you tend to run hard to get things organised, find guys who will do repairs, try and get the boat back in some sort of shape and in amongst it all you hit a brick wall, and man is it a big hard wall.
Myself when I first get to land and start to walk around, my body really hurts, especially my lower back, I guess it's just different muscles, that you have to start using again, so after that long story....hahaha well we don't venture too far from the boat in the first few days or so.

So getting back to the grocery store. Well we are walking away in extreme heat me bitching to myself, trying to find the fun in this, every part of me hurting, dodging chickens, flys, bugs and cars thinking what sort of food are we gonna face, and will I even be able to work any of it out and how dodgy will this one be.
Well wow, surprise surprise we come around a corner and there is a whole shopping centre here, yay yay yay. I'm in heaven....haha there is even clothes shops, shoe shops, newsagent, and the biggest grocery store since leaving America, I can tell you I was like a kid in a candy store.

After failing miserably trying to get a local SIM card, with Internet, we gave up on that one, and me having a quick look in a few clothing stores and seeing the prices, well we gave up on that too, man are they expensive, so onto the grocery store, now this guy is huge, I really could of spent all day here, it was like a department store as well.
But still very expensive, I so wish we had stocked up more in Panama things there were just so cheap.

We had to cut our shopping short as The Captain had to get back to the repair guy and see how long we have to wait for the part that is getting flown here from New Zealand.
It's looking like we will be out of here by Monday all going well.

It was getting onto 5pm by this time, so a quick trip back to the boat drop off all our stuff, grab our computers and off we go back to the little bar here that has free Internet, although it is so so slow it almost drives you crazy, but we managed to catch up on most of the Internet stuff and once again we are back on our on little world and enjoying  
The cool night even though it is sprinkling with rain.

Well tomorrow is anther day.

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