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Sailng on Windwanderer.
3rd Oct 2013
Thursday 3rd October 2013

Thursday 3rd October 2013

Yeap another hot one, it never ends.

The Captain has managed to get a lot of repairs done, after a trip into the main town with Eric, he managed to get a few bits and pieces that he needed.

Me well cleaning sorting baking, as per usual, I finally have the boat back in shape, well kinda.

I go to sit down and relax and notice as few different type of bugs had flown in over night in our cabin.
Well this started another all out war, not to mention another massive  clean up in our cabin, man my once clean boat looked like a bomb had gone off on it.

So the hunter is back out in full force, well to be honest she had not gone very far anyway.
I have been battling with the never ending fruit flys for god knows how long.
We managed to get some more fly spray at the grocery store and some of those disgusting fly strips, I was actually happy to see them...hahah

I actually think I now have mixed breeds onboard because wherever we go we seem to pick up more and more.
We now have them from Sait Martin, Panama, Ecuador, Nuka Hiva and now it seems we have the local Tahiti ones as well.
Man it's a never ending battle, once again I have the fly strips hanging all over the place and almost every cabin has a can of spray sitting there waiting to be used and boy do we use it, I swear all you see is clouds of this stuff floating all around our boat, seriously you would almost think the boat was on fire some days, there is not much, floating around.
And then we get this invasion of these other bugs man I may as well give up, and god knows how many of these things we must eat, the fruit flies are always on our food and to drink a coffee is a nightmare they are always flying around it and you are forever digging them out  you have to have a thorough  inspection before you drink..... are we having fun yet?

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
3rd Oct 2013  Strange clouds
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3rd Oct 2013  Beautiful sunset.
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3rd Oct 2013  Eric and Daphne
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3rd Oct 2013  The two twins
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