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Sailng on Windwanderer.
6th Oct 2013
Friday 4th Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2013

Friday 4th , Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2013

Well today was just another one of cleaning and fixing, in extreme heat.
It never ends.
In the evenings we go ashore at happy hour to the local bar called the Pink Coconut have a drink and try and hook up to their free WiFi, which takes hours it so so slow.

It seems like the colour pink is a popular colour around all the islands, just pastel pink as well as yellow and orange, they seem to use it a lot, even painting their houses as well.

While we were sitting there the other afternoon one of the grass huts just goes floating past on the water it was such a strange site, but they are actually on like a floating boat and they just move them from place to place.

Saturday was the day I wanted to go into the main town.
I really wanted to see a bit more of the island, and try to see something nice about it.

We have heard so many stories about how lovely it is here and so far we have not seen a huge amount of that at all, it is lovely as in the water is crystal clear, and he views of the mountains takes your breath away.

But I was disappointed, it really is just like another Sait Martin.
It has lost it's island charm, and is just another fake island for the tourist, everything is so way over priced and commercial.

We caught a bus in and on the way you look around at all the third world and the modern buildings that would of once looked grand, now just look tired and warn out.
You get to the main town and you can really tell this is what they want the tourist to see, it's just another dog and pony show, all down up in its finery so the tourist can think wow what a place but its not real, it's actually very sad.

So in a saying I hate, " been there done that" we have, its not an island we will ever come back to.

So far we can count them on one hand of the places we want to visit again and spend more time at.
They are Cape Fear in North Carolina,  Bermuda loved Bermuda, Ecuador and Nuka Hiva in the Marquesas. Although there is heaps that we have sailed past that are now on our bucket list as well.

Don't get me wrong the other places are still nice in their own little way and we meet some lovely people along the way and still enjoy ourselves, I guess we are just wanting to find that one island that the natives still live like traditional modern day natives and their island has not been spoiled by tourist.

The one thing that is nice here is they still keep up the traditional canoeing only they have modern day ones of course, but they are everywhere, they have races and all, it's nothing to see at least a five or six always going past sometimes too fast and not looking where they are going, many a times they have hit our anchor chain, it gives you a hell of a fright at first but then you look out, and yeap just another canoe, maybe they have not learned to steer these guys yet...hahaha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
6th Oct 2013  Grass hut going past
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6th Oct 2013  In the market
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6th Oct 2013  No Title
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6th Oct 2013  All pretty for the tourist

6th Oct 2013  No Title
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6th Oct 2013  No Title
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6th Oct 2013  Vic found is own rat trap
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