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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 14th Oct 2013
Monday 14th October 2013

Monday 14th October 2013
Day 2
17°03'S. 154°31'W
1124nm to go

Well here I sit on my watch, trying so hard to get my eyes into focus, and it ,s hard I can tell you.
I managed to get 4 hours straight sleep which was great, just wish it was more.
Last night we passed the next island with no dramas at all although it was a bit of a worry when it took ages to show up on the radar and once again it was just way too dark to see it, the next island is about a few days away so that's ok, no stressing over running into one of these guys at the moment.
Well I have a fish on the line. This is the first one in days, I was almost ready to give up. It was just on sunrise and The Captain was sound asleep, so I got on my harness and out I went, I tightened up the tension then let some out and tightened it up again, this guy I battled with for well over an hour and a half, by this time The Captain was awake, as it got closer to the back of the boat I could see it.
And yes it was not a Mahi Mahi , I sat and watched it for a fair while on the bean bag at the back of the boat, it was a beauty and way big, and way too much life still in it...haha
So we sat we waited, for it to get tired, I know I was...haha
We eventually decided it was time to get that sucker on board, with The Captain holding the rod and slowly making his way around the side of the boat, me with the net getting ready to catch it, I get one good look at it and snap goes the line, was so so not happy.
Now I have no idea what size this mother was but man it was big, we really don't know what type of fish it was either and to be honest I'm not sure we would have been able to get it on board anyway.
So one fish feeling very lucky and one fish slayer feeling very unlucky.
But the fight was a good one.

It did put me in a real downer all day, but hey what can you do.
The ocean has not been bad just rolly, and we are making good progress, we also are having problems with sail mail once again and can't seem to get a signal at all, I guess we are just way to far away from anyone.
And on and on we go.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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