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Sailng on Windwanderer.
12th Nov 2013
Tuesday 12th November 2913

Tuesday 12th November 2013

Well what a day we have had.
We decided to move to another island this one was about 4 hours away.
After a very shaky departure with getting the anchor up and floating back on the reef, which happened so quick, one second all was ok and Than The Captain is shouting to put it in gear and go forward fast, I turned around and all I could see was reef, talk about a fright, but I managed to get us back into deep water, with shaking hands and knees knocking, I gladly handed over the control to the Captain.

Then we had to navigate back around all the reefs once again, this time I just stayed down and cleaned the inside of the boat, I really don't think my nerves could take much more.
The kids were only a bit green but it was so hot that all we wanted to do was go for a swim.
We finally arrived and had read that you have to present the Kava to the chief of this island.
So we get into respectable clothes and off we go ashore.
Now I really think we came to the wrong area as this is so so third world, I for one was a little bit concerned.
We were greeted at the beach by a dozen little kids which was really cute, but that sure changed as we came onto the island, it was so dirty and run down, a local took us to see the chief and we sat on a plastic sheet and he and another guy sung a little song and a few claps and that was about it, I think they were a little put off with the amount of kava we gave them and tried to joke about next time bring more
But we were allowed to go around behind their island and anchor, which we decided not too as it was really shallow and we had heard a few horror stories of boats running aground and the locals looting them, so the vote was that we go to another island, this one was about another 3 hour trip there is an island here that you can see cliffs underwater that the water is so clear you can see right to the bottom of 85 feet deep.
So we set off and the kids were quite good until about 15 minutes into the trip when this huge storm hit.
The poor kids were so scared and so so sick, and Anthony had bad sunburn so they were not in a good way at all, I was sick too and terrified of the storm, it was a bad one.
We finally got to the island but it was way too rough, so we motored to another one this place was so pretty with huge mountains and white sandy beaches.
We settled in for the night with Bek feeling a lot better but poor Anthony was not good at all.

Well tomorrow is anther day.

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Diary Photos
12th Nov 2013  No Title
Just beautiful

12th Nov 2013  No Title
Just a beautiful island although the swell was bad

12th Nov 2013  No Title
Another island

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