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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 15th Nov 2013
Friday 15th November 2013

Friday 15th November 2013

Well today we say goodbye to the kids and Fiji.

I so don’t want them to go, and am going to miss them, big time, but it’s only a short time and we will be home.

 We have had such a great time with the kids, lots of ups and downs, but overall I’m sure they had a good time, if they take away the seasickness, the terrifying storm, running aground, battling huge waves in the dingy, having to learn real quick how to have very short cold showers, a hand pump toilet, not getting enough sleep as the boat was rocking too much, nearly dying of the heat, sunburn, and the stress of trying to navigate around all the coral reefs, just to name a few…haha god reading this they may never set foot back on the boat .But all jokes aside it was just so nice to spend time catching up again, man I miss my kids.

We were up running at 6am as we had to get to another marina before 12pm, to clear out, they have a guy that comes here for a short time every week day, and it’s a lot easier for us to check out here and also its only a twenty minute taxi ride for the kids to get to the airport.

We made it by 10am which gave us plenty of time, although we did not take the boat into the marina we just anchored outside the entrance, and it was a very calm spot, actually the trip here was very easy with calm seas and for the first time the kids were not sick at all, it figures just when they have to go home they finally get their sea legs….hahaha

The Captain goes ashore to get started on our checking out, and we organize the boat gather all the washing in hopes of a Laundromat and Bek packed their bags ready to depart.

The Captain comes back and has done all the clearing out paperwork but just needs a stamp from the official guy but he had not turned up yet, so we all climbed into the dingy with the laundry and went ashore, the kids still had a few hours to kill, so they helped me locate the laundry and we got the washing started than just sat at a little café here at the Marina, and watched the world go by. The Captain waited at the customs office for the guy to turn up.

We started to get a bit worried as the kids needed to be at the Airport by 1pm and their gear was still on the boat and it was after 12pm. Finally The Captain comes back all papers stamped and him and Ant climbed back into the dingy to get their luggage. They were back by 12.30pm so all was good, we packed then into a taxi, with a few tears shed and sent them off on their way.We then jumped in another taxi raced to a poor excuse of a supermarket, got what we could and raced back out to the boat after picking up the laundry, we were supposed to leave within the hour or two of getting are papers stamped, yeah well that didn’t happen.We had so much to prepare it was more like 4pm by the time we left. Which was still fine navigating around the reefs, but we did have to go through a very narrow passage with reefs on by sides in the dark.But managed it with flying colours and out into the big blue ocean, which was as rough as hell.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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