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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 19th Nov 2013
Tuesday 19th November 2013

Tuesday 19th November 2013

20  48’S. 170 00E.

223nm to go


Well today I feel like I’m back, I feel a lot better, it may have helped that I recieved an email from my sister, who actually ran over her Ipad with her own car…haha but she told me that she managed to save all her stuff through Itunes, so there is still hope. I just have to get another ipad somewhere and hope it works.

And I guess that we are getting closer to land helps heaps as well, also the ocean has settled down heaps to the point that we have had to start the engine as we were getting nowhere, doing about 2knts.

I have been busy again cooking and doing a bit of hand sewing, just another top, I have been wanting to re fashion for awhile now.

The Captain and I have also been reading up on New Caledonia, and working out the entrance into the bay, it’s a shocking entry with a lot of coral reefs and shallow waters and it’s about 40nm to get to the harbor.

We were discussing that maybe we should go around the bottom of the island instead and come up into the other entry on the far side as there seems a lot less shallow water here and only about 10nm into the harbor.

So we are sitting here nutting it out when we hear a noise it sounded like a dolphin or better yet a whale blowing air out of their blow hole. Well we both jumped up raced across the other side of the cockpit and looked out, I’m not sure what we were expecting to see as its pitch black, so I grab the torch we shine it on the water still nothing and we can still here it so so close, so I race down and get out the big mama, our you beaut spotlight, now we have two of these guys on board and I swear they are so bright you could almost see the bottom of the ocean, no matter what depth you are in…haha well maybe not but they are bright, The Captain will not let me use them much as you turn one on and it almost sucks the batteries dry.

But this time it was ok, so I race back up and by the time I got the thing plugged in the noise had stopped but it did not stop us hanging over the rail and having a good look around, and besides I love these bright lights, as you can just see so much, as we are looking I’m thinking if it is a whale and it pops its head up right in our faces we will  have a heart attack, so I guess it was for the best that we didn’t see it.

That was possibly the most exciting thing that has happened the whole trip, well it has felt like a long boring trip, the other exciting thing was that we spotted a huge cruise ship in the distance, this is the 2nd one of these that have showed up on the radar, and the size of the mark on the radar is huge, double even three time the size of a large cargo ship.

The first one we saw on there I even thought it may have been a small island serious it was that big, but tonight we saw their lights, and it was 14nm away, that’s crazy, you can hardly see a cargo ship at 5nm so you can imagine how big these guys are. I would love to see it up close.

And once again we settle in for the night.

Well tomorrow is another day.


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