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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 24th Nov 2013

 Sunday 24th November 2013

Well today we once again got up early, the local fruit and vegies market here are only opened in the morning so we wanted to stock up, as tomorrow they are closed and with luck we plan to leave in the morning.

Off we go and pick up some supplies, although we never can get everything on our list it seems no matter where we are in the world they never have everything you need. We are getting used to this and just make do with what is available.

So back to the boat and now the fun starts, we have a mountain of things to get done once again, so we can leave.

Since we have a water supply on hand here my first thing was to give the deck of this boat a really good scrub and clean. That was the first thing on my list, then get back down below and give the place a good tidy up and clean at the moment it looks like a bomb as gone off once again.

It gets me beat how quick it all falls apart down here in a few hours it can go by looking great to a disaster zone, the only thing I can think of is that it’s just a small area and it looks messy real quick if you leave stuff out.

The Captain is busy trying to get the AIS to work he managed after what seemed like hours to get it all up and running, it appears that it’s the Antenna and not the device itself, great but at least it’s up and running now, thank god.

So after all day scrubbing the decks I have decided after only getting through half, that we need a smaller boat...haha

It was getting late and I needed to do stuff down below and was very hot and tired, we got a visit from a friend of a friend who told us to look him up when we got here, The Captain and him chatted for hours, about anything and nothing, while I cleaned, once again I should of been born male.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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