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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 25th Nov 2013
Monday 25th november 2013

Monday 25th November 2013

Well today we leave come hell or high water.

The Captain has paid up our marina fees, and we need to be gone by around 2pm.

We franticly fix all the last minute bits and pieces and we both had showers, than refilled all the tanks and any bottles with water, oh I may have forgot to say, that we have decided to go without getting the water maker pump fixed, it was just going to take too long and we really had not found anyone that could repair it here.

We are not too worried about not being able to make water the tanks hold heaps and if we be real careful we should be fine, fingers crossed, but we do have a lot of water in bottles all over the boat as well, actually more than enough.

So it’s around 1pm and we switch on all the systems only for the AIS to stop working again, are you kidding me? Will it ever end? Man I get so so sick of all the systems, why can’t they just work the first time and stay working? It’s not like they are cheap or 2nd hand, they are all brand new or close to it and expensive pieces of equipment.

So after pulling apart and changing settings we managed to get part of it working again, we can still receive but not transmit, it means its back to what it was before still not right but at least we will be able to see other ships, but they won’t be able to see us, at least it’s something, maybe in Aus we can get someone to look at it.

Now the big thing is to get out of this little matchbox car space, with our Tonka Truck. The Captain untied all the lines, I had the engine warming up, and she is leaving without him, I yell for him to hurry up and jump on, all goes perfect and we reverse out without touching a single thing...haha are we getting good at this or what?

We then had to go around the corner and tie up to the fuel dock, meanwhile I’m frantically swapping over fenders to the side that we will be tied up too and busy pulling in ropes so they don’t fall over board and tangle the prop.

We get up to the fuel dock and slide in next to it they throw us their ropes and we are all secure, we looked like we have been doing this all our life...haha if they could really see the panic behind the smiles, but hey we made it just fine. Filled up with gas and we set ourselves free, it was a little bit hairy turning the boat around to head out of the entrance but once again all went well.

Both we puffed out chests feeling quite proud of ourselves we finally make it out into more open area only to find the AIS has stopped working once again, I swear I’m gonna give it to Davy Jones. Once we managed to get around all the coral reefs and out into the big blue ocean, we fiddled with it some more and got it running again.

And we had a lovely send off from a pod of dolphins, they played around the bow for ages and I swear they were watching us as they kept turning on their sides or back and looking up, it was quite something.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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