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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 12th May 2014
Monday 12th May 2014

Monday 12th May 2014Well we are still at it, we are rocking and rolling all over the place.We have motor sailed the whole trip, once we tried to turn off the engine but our speed dropped really low, so back on it went.The wind and if you can call it that has only once gone over 9knts the whole trip, we have two sails up but only to try and steady the boat, so we don't rock so much.Huh maybe someone should tell the boat that's what she is supposed to do, she never ever listens to us.Man have we rocked, I have been so seasick, and once again popping pills like crazy, I sure hope I don't run out anytime soon.It's has been actually a bit of a boring trip, the morning started off great with the many phone calls to wish me a Happy Mothers Day, and a chat with my Mum and Dad, than a long afternoon chat with one of my girls.But even that was a problem, it seems we don't have much reception out here, which has come as a bit of a shock to us, we got so used to having hardly any contact with the outside world for the last two or so years, than the last 6mths we had it all, we have got so used to just picking up the phone, turning on my Ipad, or the lap top, and it is there at your finger tips, well not out here it's not.It seems so strange it's not like we are way off shore, we are only about 2nm's off shore the whole time, it seems Queensland needs to up their game a bit we never had this problem in NSW.So we have been reading a lot, and playing games on the computer, man it feels like we are back crossing the pacific again....hahaThe problem with sailing so close to the shore is there is always a lot of traffic, last night was a shocker we had every fishing vessel know to mankind out here and a lot of tankers and cargo ships, you had to keep a pretty close watch around, and we both did a lot, sleep did not come easy for either of us, I think we both managed about three hours each which is not so good.I'm sitting here writing this trying to stay awake, and looking at The Captain, he looks like he is about to nod off any minute.As for the fishing story, still none to tell, my bait is not even working, I think my problem is with my tackle, it's more deep sea fishing stuff and I don't think these little fishies out here like it at all.We have seen a few fish around, there was a school of fish that went by it must of been half a nautical mile wide it was massive and you could see them jumping all over the place, I have no idea what type they were but I sure wish I still had my net, also we have seen a fair amount of dolphins, a few sharks we think, not 100% sure but almost! and what we think may have been an old sea turtle, I say old as it looked old, all brown and what looked at first like a mat of seaweed with a small buoy attached to it I watched for awhile and had convinced myself after hoping it was not a body, that it was just seaweed when it disappeared right before my eyes, so The Captain and I decided it must of been a turtle. Other than that we are just going along doing about 4knts we are off what they call Rainbow beach which is just past Noosa and hope we will get to Fraser Island this afternoon sometime.Well tomorrow is another day.

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