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Sailng on Windwanderer.
15th May 2014
Thursday 15th May 2014

Thursday 15th May 2014

Well another day in sunny Queensland...not
It's pouring rain, what happened to Queensland being beautiful one day perfect the next?
So far we have had rain everyday since we have been here.

We are on the move again, we wanted to leave around 5.30am but the alarm did not go off, yours truly set in on the wrong day, yeap sometimes even I get it wrong, not often but sometimes...haha

Yesterday was a much better day than Tuesday thank god, we only went across shallow water a few times and made it easy no kissing sandbanks this time.

It took us all day to get across the bay, I can't believe how big this bay is, serious it's like being out in the middle of the ocean, if you looked real hard you could just make out land on one side, but man did we rock and roll all over the place.
The scenery earlier in the day was quite special, Fraser Island really is a pretty place, well what we have seen of it so far.
We had a few Ferry's get up close and personal, and a few Fishing vessels but other than that there is not a great many vessels around here, maybe they all know about all the sand banks and keep well away from it.

Last night we had to anchor in the dark again, man I hate this but we had no choice, at least we had a full moon which helped a lot, it was strange we were anchored in what felt like the middle of the bay, and just felt all wrong but it was only about 4m's depth so that was ok, although it was very rolly which sucked.

The Captains, thumb is still attached...haha no serious it's not so good on advise from a doctor at Bek's work we changed the dressing which was a bit of a drama in itself as we had to soak it first in warm water just to get the dressing off, I gave it a good coating of betadine and redressed it, so far there is no sign of infection and we hope to get a doctor to look at it today.

We should arrive in Bunaberg early this afternoon, we are going to stay over night in a marina so a sailmaker can come out and measure for a new Yankee sail, I have to say we have been getting a few quotes over the phone and we are shocked at the price, In America we brought two sails for around $4.000 here it's going to cost more than that for one sail only, it's crazy but what can you do we have to have it.

So all going well we should be safely tucked into a marina berth tonight and might even manage a good nights sleep.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
15th May 2014  There is something so sad about a shipwreak.
No Description

15th May 2014  More coastline
No Description

15th May 2014  More Fraser Island.
No Description

15th May 2014  Fraser Island Coastline changes all the time.
No Description

15th May 2014  The Coastline of Fraser Island.
No Description

15th May 2014  Sunrise
This was also taken the day we left Southport.

15th May 2014  Hot Air Balloons
This was taken on the day we left Southport.

15th May 2014  Another ferry.
No Description

15th May 2014  Going past us.
No Description

15th May 2014  Yeap it got very close.
No Description

15th May 2014  This ferry was coming up very fast behind us.
No Description

15th May 2014  This was the ramp they also used to use.
No Description

15th May 2014  Old jetty from an old timber logging company.
No Description

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