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Sailng on Windwanderer.
26th May 2014
Monday 26th May 2014

Monday 26th May 2014

First of all I would like to throw out a few Happy Birthdays, today is Anthony's Birthday, so a great big Happy Birthday to you, also my nephew James is today, last week was another Nephews Troy, then my sister in laws Renee, also I have a dozen friends, so a big Happy Birthday to you all, oh yeah and there is another Birthday in a few days time but this one I try and forget....haha

Well you are most likely wondering why I have been so quiet, yeah I know how strange is that...haha

It's been a real mixed bag of a week, earlier in the week I was so bored I really could not be bothered to write anything, nothing was happening, that sure changed in what feels like a second, now The Captain and myself are feeling like two very very old people with a lot of aches and pains....haha

Before I get into that let me go back to earlier in the week, we were running low on fresh stuff to eat, so we decided to walk to the local IGA here in town, it was a nice walk. although a bit long, but the scenery was nice, we loaded up with groceries and they have a curtesy bus that will take you back to the marina, which we used thank God I really am glad we did not have to walk back with all that.

Also we have had a never ending run of boats in all shapes and sizes coming and going, one in particular caught our eye, it's called South Passage.
Now it's a big old schooner, well actually not that old just built to look old.
There were a lot of school kids on board, so we googled it to find out all about it.

If you get a Chance look it up, and if you ever feel like you want to donate to something this is it.
What a service they supply, they take out groups of school kids from a few days to up to a week and teach them what they call ROPES,

R espect                  for others / for the ships hierarchy / for the ship         
O pportunity             for personal growth / for stepping up / for stepping out
P articipation             by everyone
E njoyment                in a job well done / in the surrounds / in the company
S afety                       is maintained whilst personal boundaries are explored

The kids basically run the whole ship, the smiles on their faces as they were leaving the dock said it all, what an experience they must have, my hat goes off to the guys that run it as it's all voluntary.

We also have another kind of visitor here every night, just not sure what it is, all we know is that it's big. Every night something comes in around our boat, it splashes and jumps around us, so far the only two things we can think of is a croc or a shark.
We were watching old sci fi movies and Alien was playing I tell you this creature jumped so close to us I was up in a flash closing cock pit covers real quick...haha, I sure don't want to fall in this water in the night that's for sure.

So this brings us back to the two old people living on this here vessel, haha
It all started when the riggers came out to fix the stuff, well what started out as a simple job has turned into a nightmare for The Captain, the pole thingy that the sail wraps around was twisted and we thought the riggers could just straighten it out and that would be the end of it, we thought wrong.
It is now in pieces on the dock with The Captain trying to strengthen it, there has been many tools, going back and forth, and a lot of pirate language going on for several days now, and still it's not fixed.

As for me, I so wish I could just relax and enjoy this life of ours and be happy, just to sit and chill, seriously there must be something wrong with my genes, I have this cleaning gene that just has to work all the time.

For months and months now I have sat and looked at the deck and how badly stained and dirty it looks, this has now turned into my personal nightmare.
It started with the timber decks getting scrubbed and and brighten, you would think that would have been enough, as it took days to do, well no, I then started on the side decks, no matter what I could not get them clean, so out comes the paint, I am now painting the side decks, cleaning all the stainless steel, as I go and also scrubbing and cleaning the entire boat, man I can never see the end, it's not even close.
We are working from dawn to dusk, and wake up to way more aches and pains then anyone should ever experience.

Are we having fun yet...haha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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Diary Photos
26th May 2014  On our walk.
More scenery.

26th May 2014  On our walk
It's a pretty place.

26th May 2014  On our walk.
A little kid playing on the waters edge.

26th May 2014  On our walk

26th May 2014  On our walk
The views around the Marina.

26th May 2014  On our walk
The Captain doing the rubbish run.

26th May 2014  No Title
The kids on board, South Passage.

26th May 2014  No Title
South Passage.

26th May 2014  No Title
Freshly painted side decks.

26th May 2014  No Title
Thus side not done yet.

26th May 2014  Image
Timer decks cleaned.

26th May 2014  No Title
More Clean decks.

26th May 2014  Image
The Clean timber decks.

26th May 2014  In all her Glory.
No Description

26th May 2014  South Passage leaving.
No Description

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