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Sailng on Windwanderer.
14th Jul 2014
Monday 14th July 2014

Monday 14th July 2014

Well we were up bright and early for our next big hop, we have a quick cup of coffee and start up the engine.
The Captain goes to get the snubber off the chain, now for those who do not know what a snubber is, well it's a rope that is hooked to the front of the boat and then hooked to the anchor chain, it's purpose is to keep the chain at a certain angle which then helps to stop us dragging the anchor.

Normally this goes very well The Captain just brings up the chain, till he can reach the hook undoes the snubber and then he brings up the rest of the chain and anchor, while yours truly is at the wheel  trying to keep the boat at a certain angle so the chain comes up easy.

This normally takes no longer than ten minutes, I'm standing here watching The Captain laying down hanging over the side of the boat and wondering what is taking so long, well curiosity took the better of me and up I go to see what the problem is.
Some how the rope from the snubber had tangled itself right around the chain how we have no idea, and man was it a struggle to get it off.
Eventually with The Captain trying to untangle me lifting the chain up every so often, he finally got it free and back I race to the wheel.

This all put us behind by an hour so hopefully we can make up the time sometime today so we can get to Morris. Island in daylight.
We have been hit by big winds and rough seas, I so hate this kind of sailing, it was so rough that Aut just could not cope and The Captain had to hand steer of good chunk of the Afternoon.

We eventually get to Morris Island, and are hoping for a good anchorage, the sailing Bible says it's the best around.
So we get here there is a cat and two fishing boats all ready anchored, so we decided to anchor just a bit away from them.
Now it's still blowing very strong winds and the tide is flowing fast, The Captain races up to get the anchor down, he is having a problem getting it down I look up and we are bearing down at an alarming rate onto one if the fishing boats,  I yell out to The Captain, but he can't hear me over the wind.

I panic throw the boat hard in forward and get us away from the fishing boat, but man I was in full throttle just to get it moving, but this meant that we ran over the chain.
So we have to get the chain up again, and go through it all once again, this time we moved a fair way away from the other boats and finally got the anchor down and set, man sailing can be stressful.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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14th Jul 2014  Image
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