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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 15th Jul 2014
Tuesday 15th July 2014

Tuesday 15th July 2014

Well another stressful day.
The wind has not let up one bit, it's blowing really strong and gusting well over 30knts.
As we have no Internet we are not sure what the wind is going to do.

We had downloaded and saved a 7 day weather forecast, but these change all the time, this one said the wind should die down later this morning.

We talked this over and decided to keep going, if things got really bad there was another island about 10nm's away and we could pull in there for a bit of shelter if need be.

So with the decision made The Captain goes up to lift the anchor.
Well no way in hell were we going to get out of here easy, was the Gods trying to tell us something?

It seemed like for ever that The Captain struggled with the anchor, at one stage we almost landed on the deck once again of the fishing vessel, I managed to get us clear but man were my legs shaking, it really scared me.
The Captain had managed to get enough of the chain up to have us dragging but could not get it any further, all the modifications we had done in the anchor locker had broken away, and the gypsy, which is a part of the winch that brings the chain up," it's a round thing that has kinda teeth on it that grips the links in the chain and helps it feed "
Well it looks like it's warn out as well.

By this time we are getting blown out to sea and well away from the fishing boats and The Captain yells out for my help, I race up with fear in my heart, I hate leaving no one in control of the boat, but what could we do.
So between the two of us we wrangle this mother up, The Captain pulling the chain, myself pushing the button to take the slack and leaning all my weight on the chain so it would not feed back out again.

It all goes well I race back to the wheel and start turning us in the right direction, until a The Captain comes back and I gladly hand it all over to him.

Man what a morning, and yeap the wind eventually settled down but it sure was hairy for awhile.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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