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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 25th Jul 2014
Friday 25th July 2014

Friday 25th July 2014

Well we are still at it, rocking and rolling all over the place, we have just spotted an island off in the horizon, yay land the first time in 5 days, well actually we have past two more islands in the last two days, but it was nighttime and all we saw was a beacon flashing.

Yesterday we actually had ourselves some excitement, the first was I caught a fish, yeap the line was singing away, with a huge grin I race out and start wheeling that sucker in, and man was it hard, I was so not used to this, it took ages, and then the line broke, I tell you I almost cried, not only did the fish get away, and I never got a chance to even see it, it also took one of my really good lures, was so not happy about this at all.

The 2nd thing was we were sailing away minding our own business and all of a sudden the radar alarm goes off there is something showing up inside the safety zone that we have set.
To explain the setup a bit, we set two circles on the radar, one is around 4nm from the boat the 2nd is around 6nm, so anything that comes into that area it lets us know.

Well this had gone off in the middle, near the 4nm range, so then we have a bit of a situation happening, whatever it was had popped up in the middle and not crossed the other mark first.
We both look at each other and thinking what now, we are thinking whale, maybe a submarine, we grab the binoculars and start searching, all of a sudden a plane comes into view flying very low, it turns and flys right over us, and it's a boarder patrol plane.

They fly pass and then they call us on the radio, they wanted to know all the details, the boats name, how many people on board, where we had come from and where were we heading, we give them all our details and off they go.

Now we have number 3 we got to see the famous green flash again, this is the third time we have seen it in all the time we have been sailing, and I tell you we look at every sunset we have had.
I hear you say what is a green flash?
Well when the sun sets over the ocean sometimes just as the sun goes down you get a very quick flash of green, it does not happen often and some that have sailed for years have never ever seen it at all, so it's great excitement when you do.
No body really knows why it happens, it's just one of the many unexplained things on this earth.

So today so far we have seen land and a cargo ship is just passing us heading for Cape Town in South Africa, our own destination in the near future.

Well tomorrow is another day.

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