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Mahmoud Heidarian
No Photos 13th Aug 2014
Mahmoud Heidarian Vancouver Quick Summary of Cars - Mahmoud Heidarian Vancouver - is definitely an avid travel blogger using a Bachelor involving Arts using a specialty inside journalism in the School regarding British Columbia. He loves traveling to be able to distinctive places, beaches, and also landmarks across the world. He loves experiencing various cultures, foods, and also learning new languages. A Person can visit - Mahmoud Heidarian Vancouver - and feel absolve to drop him any message.1967 Mustang - purchased from a friend right after I started college, this had a cool paint job and cool looking rims and tires . . . but with a 6cyl and auto tranny it was decidedly NOT cool. I paid $1800 for it, insurance paid me $2000 when it was totaled two years later. Made a profit!1979 Mustang - purchased from a college friend after the previous car was totaled. 4cyl auto, just reliable, economical transportation. When I graduated from college, I sold it to buy a plane ticket and some film to go traveling.1986 Mustang - My first new car. My dad used to work for Ford, so I bought this because I got a discount. The only car I regret buying, I gave it to my dad when I got a job in China.1988 Fiat 126p - My China car, I loved this tiny little thing because I could park it anywhere. Great Beijing city car; not so great on a longer trip. Paid $4000 and sold it two years later for $4000.1981 Accord hatchback - Bought this when I went to grad school at the Univ or Hawaii. With 89k miles on the odo, it was still a way better car than the brand new Mustang I had bought in '86. So - - began my love affair with Hondas. Great little beach car.1989 Civic hatchback - Bought this when I returned to SoCal. Just basic reliable economical transportation, but it was pretty fun to drive.1996 Prelude VTEC - I had a good job and had just gotten divorced, so I said screw basic transportation, I want something fun. Great car for long drives, I put a lot of miles on it. The beginning of my love for automotive performance.2002 WRX wagon - I love rally racing, so I just HAD to have this. Put a lot of money into mods, mostly suspension. It was fast and way fun to drive. As the miles piled on it became very expensive to maintain, and during the great recession clients were harder to find, so . . .2009 Fit Sport - We're back to basic reliable economical transportation. Brilliant car though. I plan on keeping it a long time.1998 - Mistibishi Mirage - This car started it all for me. It was my first car and I bought it brand new. I imported an EVO IV body kit and had it custom fitted. It was all show and no go. I sold it because I wanted a car with more power.2005 Nissan 350Z - My first sports car, bought it brand new. I loved this car, I still do. Great looking car and decent power for it's time. This car was raw and very mechanical feeling. You won't find cars that feel like this anymore. I sold it because I lusted over the 370Z.2009 Nissan 370Z - I traded the 350Z for a brand new 370Z. This car was better than the 350Z in pretty much every category except one. The car IMO looked better, more luxurious, more power, better handling, etc...The one thing this car lacked was that raw mechanical feel. The car was too smooth and it lacked "feel." This car was more refined, grown up if you will.2014 Porsche Boxster - It's a Porsche, need I say more? haha! OK, so this car is by far the best of all the cars I've ever owned. It pretty much trumps all the cars above EXCEPT for one thing. That raw mechanical feel I keep talking about. Having said that, by no means does this car lack feel. This car has plenty of the "feel" I had been missing so much. But the reality is, it didn't have quite the same amount of feel as my 350Z. But given that this car is light years better at everything else, I think I'll manage.1994 Audi A4 AvantPros:Drove awesomeMotor was great, ran extremely smoothly and only put gas in it once a month, that thing was efficient...Cons:Literally about to fall apart. Sold it because the wheel-suspension-body mounts were broken and was not worth the price to fix...2008 VW TiguanPros:Nice ride height, can see lots on the street and it's got a very smooth rideCan tow a lot of shithas got a lot more power compared to the A4Just overall better (except maybe diesel usage)...Cons:doesn't have an amazing agility feeling but it's got low body roll so I got that going for me... I can't really expect that much from an SUV in this aspect anyways...The gear ratios are in a way that if you want good diesel usage (6.5l/100km) you have to go like 20% below speed limit (for example go 40km/h instead of 50km/h)... If you're on speed limit and not speeding,diesel usage goes up to 7.2l/100km...2003 Honda ElementPro - It was versatile and could fit 5 mountain bikes in the trunk.Con - I would accidentally leave people in the back because of suicide doors. The fold flat "bed" seats were nice but needed to fold a liiitttle more to be comfortable for sleeping.Reason for leaving - 160k miles the radiator/coolant system failed and it was more economical to trade it in.2003 Mini CooperPro - It was extremely fun to drive, very efficient, more stylish than the toaster on wheels was.Con - The cup holders couldn't fit anything, rear seat couldn't fit anyone, trunk couldn't fit any major cargo. It was very impractical but an - - absolute blast to drive. I also thought I was going to die anytime a semi passed me on the interstate.Reason for leaving - I needed something more practical with 4WD so I swapped that for an FJ.1986 Nissan MaximaOwned: 1997-2003Loved: My first car, had a ton of options at the time, it talked to you it was better than all my friends car at the timeHated: How because it talked when you opened the doors, my stupid friends would open the doors while driving all the time. Rust!Sold: For parts with 240,000km1984 Nissan 300ZX Turbo Anniversary EditionOwned: 2002-2006Loved: My first own car, loved the looks, the way it drove, it was fairly unique, the engine was rock solid, fully loadedHated: It was an auto, the engine bay was cramped to work on, horible mileageSold: Was moving to an apt with no garage/needed something more reliable (best and worst car I've ever owned)2007 VW Rabbit, 3 Door 5 SpeedOwned: 2006 - 2011Loved: Great car, drove really well, I like the engine, perfect size for me, was reliable, overall a great car.Hated: New cars are expensive, Insurance was a lotSold: To pay for school2002 Acrua TL Type-SOwned: 2012 - CurrentLove: Cheap, Comfortable, Great engine, Looks good, holding it's age wellHate: Less than great mileage, Transmission, understeers like crazy2013 Honda CB500XOwned 2014 - CurrentLove: Everything about the bikeHate: Will be watching the Acura sit and collect dust all summer

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